Relics 3: Ashes for Gold UPDATED 15th October, Final Update, see Post 741 for details

If you search this thread for “endings guide”, there’s a detailed overview of how to get to different endings.


One thing I noticed is that Cleo is considered to be a bad leader in the dossier, but she was a good leader in the Congo Siege and in some ending she becomes the leader of the resistence. Shouldn’t she be considered a good leader then?


We don’t know the full extent of Cleo’s Leadership abilities. Good in one scenario but bad in the other

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Ahhh, but she can make bad decisions, like Anderson says…


Very impulsive if you get my drift

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Cleo is a good example of a capable leader with sound strategic and tactical thinking but can be easily baited by an enemy exploiting her impulsive and quick to anger nature. If she was the commander of fort and the enemy commander called her a whore she’d probably sally out and try and beat them to death with their boots.


See, this is only a problem if she doesn’t succeed. If she actually pulls through, that’s great.


A good leader has to keep their impulses under control. She is good, but has a lot to learn

I just pushed a new update, which includes multiple (mostly small) fixes and changes.

I think we’re pretty much there now. I’ll be leaving it up for a few more days, but at some point this week it’ll be coming down and getting submitted, so if you haven’t played it yet, get your skates on! And please keep the feedback coming in: still plenty of time for me to tweak and change.

Later today, I’ll be hoping to post the Relics 2 retrospective on Tumblr, like I did for Relics 1 last week. I’ll let you know when that goes up!


Also, Relics 2 retrospective is now live on Tumblr for anyone interested!


Re: the Book 2 retrospective:

On the random encounters: I agree that they stretch the limits of credibility, but don’t have a problem with it at all. You’ve mentioned one of your biggest sources of inspiration, both for the whole trilogy as well as Book 2 specifically, is the Mass Effect trilogy. Does Shepard bumping into the same people, both in terms of squaddies as well as random NPCs (thinking the likes of Conrad Verner and Gianna Parasini here, among many others) detract from the game at all? Absolutely not; I’d argue that they add to it, because it builds familiarity and a sense of comfort when you’re dealing with a literal galaxy’s worth of problems. Likewise, I think the story would be overall weaker in Relics if you didn’t have this level of character continuity. Could it perhaps have been more nicely eased in? Maybe, but the more important point is that they came back in the first place, and there was really no other way around it aside from dropping them all in at the start or something, which probably would have been worse since it would arguably give them a lot less agency.

On the slow start: Think there’s something to be said for Britain to be used up in general as a setting, particularly when it’s both the most recurring location in the series as well as, I’d argue, the antithesis to a lot of the globetrotting/discovery theme in the trilogy. It’s not just home base for Books 2 and 3 but also the setting of at least one actual chapter in each book, and can definitely be a momentum staller. Personally, I would have kept Chapter 1 in place, as it’s needed for a lot of overarching narrative reasons, but perhaps moved Chapter 2 to somewhere less, well, English. Maybe instead of Canterbury Cathedral, have that scene take place in the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral (the end of a famous medieval pilgrimage route, so the theme still fits), or, if you absolutely must stay in Britain, at least move the chapter to Scotland.


I was definitely getting England-fatigue in the middle of the third game. Through the whole of Interlude 2, Chapter 3 and Interlude 3 you never leave the UK!


I think it’s kind of a toss-up on the random encounters, to be honest. The encounters with people like Dominque, Esme/Abdul, and Zhu all make sense in that these people have good reasons to be where they are that fit with the tone of the game. Stevo? Eh, that’s pretty random, but it could probably work if there weren’t the other random encounters in Venice. Cleo? I think having her in that section of the game really defies logic; there’s in an-game reason why, but your chances of stumbling on a New Orleans professor in the middle of nowhere in Romania without having indicated any interest whatsoever in the place is a big jump. In retrospect, I would have advised the Romania story to be entirely self-contained and for her appearance in the game to be somewhere else.

On the competitors:
Maria worked very well, because she’s a fantastic character
Gainza (and I guess his son, too) worked very well as a villain when you saw him, but his lack of appearance during the game is incredibly conspicuous and it gets really easy to figure out that he’ll somehow jump to the end
Hollingsworth and Ambrose definitely needed more time, especially as they had some interesting characterization going (black British professor in the 30s+mysterious sniper monk make for an intriguing combo).
Yelena worked extremely well as a villain, specifically because her me-against-the-world-for-revenge attitude made her compelling, as did the fear that someone much more dangerous than you was after you. Alternatively, you don’t really get to know Sabitova, and the interactions with her weren’t very interesting; she just seems like she’s punching the clock.


This is probably the part where I go against the grain and admit that the Oxford chapter (3?) was my least favorite part of the third book. It’s not entirely due to the England fatigue factor - I’ve found that mysteries and other gameplay elements similar to what you used in it have very low replay value for me - but that was definitely a big part of it.


You got me crying with that end. I hate goodbyes. I thought I couldn’t take an ending that left the future ambiguous but a memoir of our now gone MC and friends broke me :sob:
On a positive note, I am glad that all of my friends survived. Maria and Dominique went with my MC and the special ones were given to Esme, Yelena and Gus. Good chocies :blush:
Also, the fact that the MC can have twins and then the MC’s daughter marries Esme and Anderson’s son is just perfection :heart::+1: They are all a big family now haha

Can there perhaps be one more scene with our RO in the aftermath of the final battle? I feel one more scene with them can close off that adventure for good. Like the epilogue at the end of Relics 2


Honestly one of the best trilogies I’ve played, I loved every second of this unspeakable story.I leave here my deep thanks to the creator for sharing this story with us.


Hello everyone,

So I just took down the files from Dashingdon and submitted the game to HG! Many, many thanks to everybody who offered feedback to help me improve the game, and for helping to keep this thread such a pleasant place to hang out.


Holds credit card in death grip soooooooon precious sooooooon.


AWESOME. G’Luck and congratulations in a life time of advance


Good luck with your game, and what do you plan to make in the future