Relics 2: The Crusader's Tomb UPDATED 26 April 2021 - Chapter 6 (post 598 for details!)

There was a scary scorpion in the first book, in the desert in Chapter 1. I think one thing that the first book didn’t have which the Indy films were big on is lots and lots of icky bugs and creepy things (the snakes in Raiders, the bugs in Temple, the rats in Last Crusade). Maybe I should look at doing more of that in the second book to make up for it? The big pit o’ spiders in the prologue is a good start. I’ll think about having more moments like that.


@Schliemannsghost… Centipedes are nasty when there are LOTS and lots of ‘em and they even have a VERY painful bite too… They even have poison (not enough to harm humans though) and
Scolopendra Subspinipes Leach type of centipede grows up to freakin’ 20cm :roll_eyes::persevere::pouting_cat:
Lol these creepy crawlies with their obscure amount of legs are gross…


Snakes taste good when cooked!

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Just popping by to note that today is the 850th anniversary of the murder of Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, which plays an important role in Chapter 2 of the current WIP.

Chapter 3 is progressing reasonably well. Lots of chaos and carnage in the streets of Paris, plus a new RO and the chance to hang out (and commit a major felony) with Maria in Monte Carlo. All to look forward to in the next update!

EDIT: Finally, after over a year of working with Choicescript, I have figured out how *gosub works. This is going to make action scenes so much easier, since I now don’t have to copy and adapt my “death” code every single damn time the player could die!


We could die? :eyes:

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You’ve always been able to die. In the first book too. (But if you do, you just get the option to go back and retry your most recent choices, so it’s no big deal!)


@Schliemannsghost Dr Hunter Spillane is very embarrassed to see that all the wealth and fame he acquired in the first part of the story are not being put to use, why will someone described as being “Rich as Croetus” not have the option to take a more splendid car from the onset or have to rely on only the money given him by the employer, or a very popular archaeologist not being known by almost all the other competitors. But Dr Hunter is also a man of reason if a tangible reason could at least be given especially about the money issue, he will surely understand. Thank you.


@HunterBlack You will get something out of all that money you accrued in the first game. Specifically, later on the journey, if / when the 500 pounds runs out, you’ll be able to draw on your own resources - and the higher your Fortune stat, the more cash you’ll have available! But you might as well spend the money you’ve been given to begin with!

As for the other competitors, Maria and Gainza know who you are, as does Hollingsworth if you talk to him at the manor. It’s only Sabitova who hasn’t heard of you.


Really made my day to see this story getting a sequel. It was one of my favorites of all time! Keep up the great work - you’re a truly talented writer.


Okay, but I wish there was some way to get a better car from the onset and that there is some comment about the type of car the mc brought to the first meeting

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The vehicle stuff is all on rails for the first two chapters (I’m trying not to overwhelm readers by introducing too many new mechanics at once), but in Chapter 3 you get the chance to buy some new shiny wheels, and several different options will be presented, so hopefully that will make up for the lack of options in Chapter 1!


Great work man can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned in the work but I hope it’s a heist casuse I don’t believe the Grande Prix is around yet and it ain’t a trip to Monte Carlo with out either that or a good old fashioned heist of something valuable


If you like heists, you’ll like Chapter 4! Monte Carlo isn’t a heist here: just some good old-fashioned swindling in a casino!


Heh nothing wrong with some old fashioned grifting can’t wait to take them for all they’re worth keep up the great work chief


Commit a felony with María?! SIGN! ME! UP!


Dear Steam users: the page for the first Relics book has gone up on Steam! It’s not available till the seventh, but please add it to your wishlist if you plan to get it, apparently that makes it more visible.


Oh cool! Just one more day before digging through this lost gem ^^


Oooh… It’s an AMAZING news… Ooh devils, I’ve been waiting (very much impatiently fyi
:joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat:)for a LONG long time…

Congratulations in advance @Schliemannsghost


Can’t wait to mess up the damn Nazi’s…


Always a pleasure in Indiana Jones ^^