Relics 2: The Crusader's Tomb UPDATED 26 April 2021 - Chapter 6 (post 598 for details!)

Welcome to the WIP thread for Relics 2: The Crusader’s Tomb.

The game is an action-packed archaeological adventure, inspired by Tomb Raider, Uncharted and (above all) Indiana Jones. It is a sequel to my earlier game, Relics of the Lost Age. While it can be played as a stand-alone, it is strongly recommended that you play the first game first, to get the most out of the experience. Relics has now been released. If you played the original Relics, feel free to dive in and continue your adventure! If you didn’t, you may prefer to play it before trying the new one.

Synopsis: 1938. Intrepid archaeologist Dr. Spillane has been summoned to England, and invited to take part in an eccentric - and deadly - competition. Seven hundred years ago, a Knight of the Fourth Crusade disappeared, and legends tell of a sinister ancient secret which he discovered in the East. Now, the knight’s last living descendant has gathered together five of the world’s most brilliant and ruthless archaeologists and treasure hunters, and set them a challenge. Can they follow the clues contained in a cryptic poem written by one of the knight’s companions, retrace his steps across Europe and Asia, and discover the secrets buried inside The Crusader’s Tomb?

Face off against your villainous rivals, against a secret religious order determined to stop you uncovering the truth, and (of course) against the good old bad old Nazis, as you and your companion race across a whole continent, facing danger, mystery and intrigue at every turn. As Europe teeters on the brink of apocalyptic war, do you have what it takes to bring these long-buried secrets back to light, and to survive a hair-raising four thousand mile journey with your enemies dogging your every step?

Some things that are lost should not be brought back to the light.


  • The return of several old friends and foes, as well as new memorable and interesting characters.

  • The chance to continue your romance from Relics, or to try your luck with one of three new ROs (one male, one nb, one female).

  • A whole host of new gameplay mechanics, including money, weapons, vehicles and companion abilities.

  • An unforgettable journey from England to Turkey, across a lovingly-realized 1930s Europe.

  • Maria Garcia Perez. I know that’s about half of you sold already!

Feedback of all types, from lowly typos to cavernous plot-holes, is welcome. The demo currently includes the Prologue and the first six chapters, and comes to about 295,000 words.

NOTE: Because of all the icky horror stuff in Chapter 6, the link has been moved to Adult Content Thread. You can find it here. In order to read it, you need to have signed up to the Adult Readers’ Group, which you can do here. Feel free to discuss the WIP either here or on the Adult Readers’ thread, whichever you prefer.

Hope you have fun!



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I’m so excited!!! :sparkles::heart:
Is there a Tumblr for the game?
And how do you know all of these stuff???
I learned so many things from the previous game


Haha! An embarrassing amount of it is just Wikipedia, I’m afraid!

No, there’s no Tumblr. I might start setting up more stuff like that after the first game comes out. For now, this thread is pretty much the only place where Relics-based discussions happen.


It’s time…I played upto ch5(the eye of kali) in the first game’s wip. I hope that’s enough to hop on to this. Anyways I’m excited to play…Yay

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I cannot believe it’s here!!! You write so fast @Schliemannsghost.

Time to meet Spillane and Johnny Wu!


Yeah. Johnny Wu’s been through some changes since Hong Kong …

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When we negotiate for fake paper, the game allows us to choose the Traveler choice although I picked Survivalist


Oh crap! I’ll look at that. Thanks.

EDIT: Sorry, I’m an idiot. I entirely forgot to set the *selectable_if condition for that choice! I’ve added it now, and I’ll update Dashingdon in a few hours. Thanks so much for spotting that!


I’m still in chapter 1 but I just want to say I love how vivid you describe things. I could totally imagine every detail. Haven’t met Johnny Wu yet, can’t wait!

Okay, now spider me up, baby!


Let’s go IAM hyped


Well hot damn congrats chief as vood as I expected can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve

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So happy that the first game is on its way to release!
Already played through this demo and I love, but I noticed in the recap “What was your grandfather’s ethnicity?” and either I didnt play that part in the part 1 demo, or I did miss it, but will this choice be important later?


That’s a choice that comes up in Chapter 1 of the first game, but it was added quite late in development, in an attempt to make the game more representative. So perhaps it wasn’t in the first game when you played it. It doesn’t have a huge impact, but it might get you one or two options later on.


Yeah I think I played it before that, cause I cant remember it at all.
Thanks for the answer, I am already really looking forward playing it!

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This new Zhu is hilarious although it takes awhile to get used to. I laughed at this part a little too loud.


Oh my gosh the demo was so fun to play! Found a bit of a bug, my Spillane’s specialty is Historian, but the traveller option was still choosable when she went to go get the fake papers from Rita. (For some reason I can’t post the screenshot) Also, if there’s a bingo card for being kidnapped by bad guys I’m pretty sure Spillane has bingo!


Yeah, a lot of kidnapping so far! I’ll ease up on that for the rest of the game.

Thanks for the fake papers spot. That should be fixed now. Glad you liked it!


Quick q: Is Maria an ro? I just love how mean she is :blush:


Yes! In this game she will be. She wasn’t in the last one, but she is in this one.