Relics 2: The Crusader's Tomb UPDATED 26 April 2021 - Chapter 6 (post 598 for details!)

Omg!!! It’s here! I loved the first game so much and I’m so excited to dive into this one! :smiley::smiley::grin:
And Maria is now officially officially an RO haha! It’s my lucky day :hugs: I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on this thread :grin:

And btw this is just too accurate lmao


@Schliemannsghost you made my damn day when I saw that brother ambrose was a part of the British Expiodianary Force I had forgotten about that up until I saw it so thanks for making me feel useful.

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Aww,come on spiders are cute. :spider:
Speaking of cute, I hope Zhu will be joining us once again. :wink:


If you’re dating him, you can choose to bring him along as a permanent companion this time! If you’re not, then who knows, maybe he’ll still be popping up at some point on your journey anyway!



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Oh cool… But fir now I won’t play it. I firce myself to not finish the first game (I didn’t play the last two adventures) so I still have the surprise for when I buy the game.
I don’t want to spoil myself (“snif”), so I will refrain myself.
But really, congrat. I’m glad to see it continue.


I think this has been discussed at one point in book 1 thread but I forgot. Who are the new ROs in book 2? Beside the irritating yet dashing Maria.

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The Amazonian and a new character you haven’t met yet.


Can anyone please explain me the deal with Esme and Abdul? I couldn’t play the book one demo😭

they are couple and you can have poly relationship with them


You can still date one of them, but it won’t be exclusive for them and they will still see each other.

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Thrilled to see this posted! I got through a long day at work on Sunday, thinking by the time I get home, the demo should be up… - but once I’d finished reading it was midnight and I was too exhausted to leave a coherent comment, haha.

Well you are certainly not wrong about that! In all honesty, I did prefer the murderous ‘prince of darkness’ persona, but that seemed a rather unkind thing to say, under the circumstances. Still, this is Character Growth which is a Good Thing, and I’m interested to see where it goes. Hopefully to a place of less crimes against fashion.

Also, I loved the cathedral puzzle. And the sarcastic butler made me laugh out loud. I can’t wait to star delving deeper into the mysteries (and really annoy some of the less savoury competitors).


Great, I’m pleased that you enjoyed it! And who knows, perhaps you haven’t quite seen the last of the Prince of Darkness…


First off, happy cake day, @Schliemannsghost ! :cake:

So happy to see the demo is here already! :heart_eyes: Took me long enough to play enough of it to put together a comment though :sweat_smile:, but it was definitely worth the wait!

Re: New ROs — I told you so!! You guys said I was crazy but I knew all along that there was such romantic potential with The Amazonian :joy:

Assorted useless comments

Heh. That’s exactly 60 years before I was born. I’m sure there’s some deep numerological significance to that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I actually had so much difficulty choosing what my strongest stats were, all I recall is being terrible at everything :joy:

I LOL’d so hard at enabling spider mode XD I’m almost disappointed now that my Spillane didn’t fall into the pit (she definitely has become more competent in the sequel). I would almost be concerned that she’s not the same character anymore, except that five seconds later she got her friend killed. Ah, that’s my old Spillane!

Looooooool :rofl: Petty Spillane is the best Spillane. XD

The “Documents” function sounds intriguing. :thinking: I like having an inventory in the stats screen, reminds me of classic games.

Sam’s right, that butler is suspicious as hell :rofl:

£500 in 1930s money! I could buy me a new Ford with that! Screw this treasure-hunting thing, just take the expenses money and run :rofl:

Sooo apparently going to London where the mafia is after us wasn’t a great idea. :woman_shrugging:t3: Who’d have known?

Okay, so I wasn’t expecting to love the cathedral puzzle, but the fact that’s basically a crossword actually won me over really fast. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Kidnapped twice in two days. What rotten luck Spillane has. :grin:

Well, if it isn’t the venerable sugar in the gas tank legend! It’s been years since I last heard that one, hahaha. Then again, I can’t imagine that the FBI’s old jalopy needed much help to break down in the first place XD.

Anyway, just like I expected I loved the demo :heart:, and I can’t wait to see what adventures await our intrepid protagonists in their next destination.

From reading the comments here, I can see I’m going to have to replay this again just to see what it’s like to have Zhu as a companion (My Spillane did end up with him in the previous book because the guy shows up at her room in the middle of the night and goes “I’m a monster, boo-hoo, I killed my last boyfriend, I’m such a horrible human being, boo-hoo” and well, what was I supposed to do? But in this game I decided to make as if that’d never happened. :stuck_out_tongue: And of course, now I’m too curious to see how he’s changed so I’m going to be forced to undo that decision).


@Myrtle Re: New ROs — I told you so!! You guys said I was crazy but I knew all along that there was such romantic potential with The Amazonian :joy:

Yeah, I feel like that was kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy. You advocated for them being a potential romance a good number of times on the last thread.


Really? Gosh, I thought I’d only said it once :flushed: :flushed: :flushed: Sorry for being so annoying then? :sweat_smile:


It’s fine; you weren’t annoying by a long shot.


Happy Birthday @Schliemannsghost!


Thanks everybody! I think the cake symbol means it’s my anniversary joining the site: it’s definitely not my actual birthday! But thanks for the birthday wishes, I will file them away for February!

Glad you liked it, Myrtle, and thanks so much for your comments! And oh no, is sugar in the gas tank a myth? I’ll have to find another way to get that car destroyed now.


That’s absolutely right.

Happy cake day, @Schliemannsghost! :partying_face::cake:

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