[RELEASED] Don't Wake Me Up - A game about love in video games - 01/02/24



You’re trapped in a malfunctioning virtual reality with no memories. No memories, except of every video game you’ve ever played. Jack yourself into a wild night in a virtual world you’ll never remember.

Armed with puns, pop culture, and a sharp dose of sarcasm, can you muddle your way through levels of satirical video game pastiches, back to reality?

Adventure through virtual worlds alongside a delusional gamer, an actual emo vampire (who really wishes he wasn’t an emo vampire), a poet from outer space, and a dashing princess in shining armor, among others! And perhaps, just perhaps, learn a bit too much about the kind of person you are when the real world isn’t watching.

A satire of the trapped-in-a-video-game genre, and a tragicomedy on the theme of dating sims.

Don’t Wake Me Up is 400,000 words long!

  • Play as nonbinary, male, female, straight or queer.
  • Travel through 6 worlds inspired by different video game genres
  • Wield a weaponised top hat
  • Rack your brains in a spaceship escape level inspired by old-school adventure games
  • Compete in a classical music-themed monster truck rally
  • Lose yourself in a cyberpunk casino
  • Date the Ultimate Video Game Fanservice Vampire
  • Or, date the Ultimate Video Game ‘Best Girl’ Waifu
  • A period piece honed in early 2010s internet cringe
  • Bifurcates entirely halfway through the game based on your love interest.

Sometimes true love is a wrong dialogue choice.


I hope that you guys enjoy this game!

Link to the original thread: MAJOR DEMO UPDATE <3 - WiP: Don't Wake Me Up (with demo)


WOW. this is my first time discovering this wip and i can’t wait to try it out! will definitely buy this game once it’s up for publishing👍

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OMG I think of this game often!! Welcome back :heart: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!


Just check the box on Dashingdon here:

Screenshot 2023-07-10 at 20.27.12
add this to your startup file (comment it out when testing tho!) (and change the “SherlockGame” to the name of your game)

Good luck!
I’m gonna try this game—it looks fun! :smiling_face:


Thanks Doriana, I think that I’ve implemented it now. From cursory testing, that seems to work!

And well if anyone still wants to download the game, it’s there!


Okay, so the title reminded me of Past lives so I decided "What the heck, why not just put that on repeat while I start giving it a read, and literally the first page in, I’m hit with

And I’m like “Okay, time for some heart breaking” XD

On a serious note, your writing is extremely impressive. The way you structure your words is just :chefs-kiss: Hope you don’t mind me coming now and then to fan girl on it haha. I’m sure this is gonna blow up! :two_hearts:


Oooohh! I remember this! :grin:
One of the more special and interesting WIPs I’ve seen on this forum.
I’m going to have fun playing through it :purple_heart:



:bug: ThisIsMySwamp line 2073: bad label romancestart

Whoops I realise I listed this game with the tag ‘adult fiction’ - I hope I didn’t soft-lock it out of being viewed more widely. This game doesn’t really have any explicit content in it. I’ve removed that tag now.


No way did I just manage to get Len’s bad end first try :sob: How do I get his good ending because I THOUGHT I was on it but I am not going to lie and say it was not very good because it was scrumptious but still LENNNNNN

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Yep, same error.

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Oh wow you played it all the way through fast. I hope you enjoyed it!

The good ending is pretty hard to get. I think it really depends on whether you figured out what’s going on with Len earlier in the game yourself. That being said, there are several bad endings on the Len route. Probably my favourite part of the game is the worst Len ending. I can give hints if you want!


YES PLEASE! I tell you this now my young days of pursuing bad endings to characters I love is not behind me! Onwards towards more! btw I got the ending where you can decide what dream/life Len puts you into I think it was “ending 1”

Also also is it bad of me to say that that ending reminded me of Clear’s bad ending in DRAMAtical Murder and speaking of those games I screamed when I saw togainu no chi

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First off, really excited to read this! Congrats on working on it for a solid 8 years.
I just started and I’ve found a grammar error.
" You’re may have a ruined brain and a lack of knowledge now, but you don’t intend for things to stay that way."
Do you want me to point out any other mistakes I notice?
(Unless this was deliberate and it’s some meme I missed. I remember 2010s tumblr and how weird it was.)

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I’ve repaired the satellite but when I try and use the pc it says it’s not repaired


I just began reading- and I’d like to say, I do truly love the 2010’s tumblr humor! It fills me with a nostalgia I can’t really pin point, I love it. I’m excited to sit down and enjoy the rest of the story & your writing :smiley:

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Lemme romance the brooding vampire :sob: :sob:


Unless I’m misreading the code antennafixed is only being set + 1 when Len is the one to fix the satellite, so those of us with low relationship with him or trying to fix the satellite ourselves are stuck on the ship

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Hi author it was a good read and made me chuckle many times especially as a fellow gamer lol (the game’s references were great), stopped reading at the technobabble chapter and got this error: Technobabble line 4567: Invalid expression, expected a name

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