Redemption of the Damned (WIP) [23Apr18]

My story-game Redemption of the Damned is now 2 chapters in. In it, you play as an ex-outlaw tasked to find the whereabouts of the kidnapped heir of the Esreyla Kingdom.

A short summary:

The kingdom is in chaos. Their heir has been kidnapped! But the knights are not the ones who will be rescuing her this time! As an ex-criminal, you are tasked to save the noble and bring them back safely to the kingdom, in exchange of clearing your name from all the crimes you have committed. But you are not alone, as your old comrades are there to help you for old time’s sake. Journey around the Esreyla Kingdom as you search for clues on where the princess is. Will you become a changed person, helping those in need, or will you go back to the outlaw you were, killing, stealing and cause chaos across the land?

To play the demo, you can go here:

(Update 25/4/2018) Added an inventory system! With it, you can see your starting gear, which is based on your starting “history”. Editing and refining the released chapters while writing the third one.

Feel free to comment on what is missing in my WIP! I’m not perfect, so all critiques are welcomed.

Feel free to bookmark and check it once in a while. If you have any suggestion or critiques, feel free to write it down below.


Error 1: This Male is an important person who works inside the kingdom. She was kidnapped last night and some witnesses mentioned seeing a suspicious group heading west at the night of the incident. We know that both of them are tied together."

Error 2: The two of you walks toward the shrine. Chris works at the same place as you do. Of course, it was quite hard to keep up with her energetic self and you get annoyed easily by her childish side. But you are actually glad to have a friend to work with and someone to watch your back when you need it.


TO me I want kill noble and knight assholes for want they did to the kids


Hmm I have a question, I’m not sure if it’s related to the game but how do you make the new design with the special fonts in titles? I’ve seen another game like this and it looks quite nice


Ah crap, I forgot to re-upload some of the scenes! Thanks for telling me

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The Dashingdon server provides it for me. Idk if I can use it when I publish the game though. Might have to ask the publishers.


Is it me or is part of the text missing?

You don’t trust guards. They always come only when they can extort money out of the people in the town. You sneak to the back of the house and carefully climbs on top of it. Two soldiers roughly push you and force you to kneel on the ground. You glance at the kids and try to put your most reassuring smile.

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I didn’t play yet, but if it’s gender choice why does it say in the synopsis: “Will you become a changed MAN?” :thinking:


Well there are lots of typing mistakes, way too much for me to point out, I suggest first writing your story in word where you can see them all.

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Oh I definitely like this!

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This is good but need more can’t get into it atm

I like it so far

But some best friend Aladdin is for not coming back to help us after becoming prince haha

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I can wait to get to the action! Will there be ROs? Is Chris/Clara and the Prince/ss one of the ROs?



I chose a prince, also the Male should be “male”.


Ah, thanks for the info. I’ve fixed it now. Tbh there are too many typos in the current game and I have to split between writing the new chapter and fixing the old ones. Thanks for you help, kind person!

And also:

I have planned out for 5 different ROs (6 tbh, but you’ll see why soon) of both genders. Chris/Clara and the Prince/ss will also be included. I love romance in Choice games and I’ll try my best to sharpen each of them to make them special and different from one another.


Inventory system is kinda complex tbh…I’ll try to implement it but no promise that it will stay until I finish the game if it break something

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I know it’s the demo so it’s possible it’s fixed somewhere else but if you are a woman that error is still there- “There are only a few female in the bandit clan” when it should be females.

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