Recommended WIP's: Consolidation Thread

Anyway, looking back, I realize this thread is about ongoing WiP in 2018, not WiP created that year. So I’ll take the opportunity for a more in-depth list.

First, I’ll reiterate. Fallen Hero 2: Retribution by @malinryden is shaping up to be excellent, and I’m saying that as someone who’s somewhat bored with the superhero genre in CoG. This series has an incredibly complex and engaging protagonist, and a great take on how to write a (somewhat, maybe redeemable in the end?) villainous protagonist who’s nonetheless relatable, if deeply flawed. What I really like about the first game (and it seems the WiP of the second is following the same trend) is that it puts relationships (romantic or otherwise) between the characters at the heart of the story, making every character pretty memorable in the process. On a more simplistic note, Argent is shaping up to be a blast. Romance between Blood Knights FTW!

Second, as I said before, A Hag Called Fate and Rokusuppo by @Hex - I mean, some random lazy bum. Hag puts you once again on the side of the devils, as the co-dragon (“dragon” might even be literal) for a sorry excuse of a Big Bad. As a big afficionado for RPGs of all sorts, that type of game who’s basically “the daily life of a boss-fight character” is really engaging. Also, the opening scene putting you in a hopeless boss fight - where YOU are the boss - while still being on the receiving end of your standard protagonist party powering up out of nowhere in the middle of the fight made for one heck of an introduction. All in all, I can’t wait to see more of this. Rokusuppo is more basic, but for me is more akin to a guilty pleasure - except not that guilty. It’s simply a game where people get to beat the shit out of each others, and that very simplicity makes it wondrous. There are times where I want to play deeply complex intrigues with deep characters… and times where I just want to mindlessly hit stuff.

Now on to older stuff. I really like @Interestedparty 's writing, but I’m especially eager to see Through Broken Lenses come to completion. Life as a child-soldier thrust into the mundane life of high school has a potential for comedy and tragedy alike that is simply too good to pass on. And the WiP has so many variables it can make each playthrough really different, while still keeping this tone where one moment you can’t help but smile at the MC’s antics while being hit by how deeply they’re messed up the next instant. Blood Hunters is shaping up to be pretty good too (congrats on - almost fixing - that ghost-murder bug, by the way!)

Then we have The Wight King by @bl00dragon where you get to play an undead abomination coming back to life to the horror of all that is good and pure, with a MC struggling to come to terms with its very nature, or completely embracing it instead - yet apparently the players are more concerned about romance options. Priorities! Nonetheless, the WiP has an amazing intro, with a great fight scene to start things off with a bang.

Diaspora from @Kurokiku is also shaping up to be pretty good, what with its culture clash theme, where you lead a viking-like tribe in the lands of not!Roman Empire. I really like the theme of struggling to adapt to a changing environment, and how much can be discarded, or instead protected at all costs. How much should people change when faced with potential extinction? What part should you preserve despite a totally new cultural environment? All in all, I really like that these questions seem to be at the center of the plot.

Keeper of the Sun and Moon, by @daydreamsincolor is basically Magic High School done right. A pretty intriguing world, rather memorable characters (Serafina best girl. Fite me), and I’m also a sucker for the stat-raising aspect. Plus, I had a lot of fun replaying the demo trying to unlock the secret, sometimes pretty well-hidden routes - even if it went against my basic instinct of making the same choices over and over and over again.

Guenevere by @jeantown probably needs no introduction. It’s been a while since there hasn’t been news of it, as far as I know, though.

War Games by @Aviator467 comes in to fill the criminally under-represented Giant Mecha genre - basically there’s only Mecha Ace. Once again, I like having the possibility to play with stats a lot, and I can’t wait for the demo to give us a better glimpse of the meat of the story.

And last but certainly not least, Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights by @Snoe. A mute superpowered test subject suddenly set free in a world they were not prepared for? Sign me in! (that game and Through Broken Lenses always make me think of each other, since it’s different takes on a somewhat similar theme). I especially like the way you customize the MC’s personality, who despite not talking is one with the most meorable persona around the various CoG projects.

I know I’m forgetting a couple other projects I really liked too, but still, that’s a pretty long list already, so I think I’ll stop now. Something I notice, by the way: I tend to be attracted to the games where the MC isn’t a blank slate, but its own character. Not to say you don’t have a say in how their personality will shape up, but I can’t help but have trouble to really enjoy games where the main character is just a stand-in for whatever the player thinks they should be. I get writing pre-set personalities is riskier, but the payoff make them far more memorable in my opinion.

I’m also finding myself enjoying the (somewhat) villainous protagonist projects a lot, which actually comes as a little surprise to me, because in my long life of playing RPGs, be it tabletop or video games, I usually really dislike going the villain route; I had to go through a dozen of Baldur’s Gate II playthrough before daring to try an evil-aligned character (and even then, ended up with a somewhat high-ish reputation and Imoen in the party, because what kind of monster wouldn’t not take her), I have mild disdain for full Renegade!Shepard, ect, ect.

And finally, any game which allow shaping up the MC as somewhat of a blood knight gets automatically a favourable first impression on my part. Call it personal bias. Even better if there’s a similar type on the other side. :expressionless:


In no particular order:
SOS:The Mortal Coil
An absinthian ballad
Becoming guardian
Land of the dragon
Model citizens: unmasked
A mortal hero: patron of the gods
Heir to the throne
The Shadow Society
Reports from philomena
Shepherds of haven
The fallen Divine
Bright eyes, black blood
Blood and steel
Gladiator: road to the coloseum
The enchanters misery
LASTLY, FOREVER AND ALWAYS Guenevere :two_hearts:
and manyyy others i cant remember them all

edit: bright city
A hunters sacrifice
and I CANT BELIEVE I FORGOT war for the west! :two_hearts: dannel is such a sweetheart


Yay, thanks for including Shepherds of Haven in such a great list! :slightly_smiling_face:


Haha! Thank you. I appreciate it.


eeeeppp! :heart_eyes: authors replying to me always makes me feel all warm and fuzy! :two_hearts:


And this author feels fuzzy since there’s The Hunter’s Sacrifice on your list. Thank you for including it :slight_smile:

Let me use this opportunity to give a shout out to Mordred: Blood Cries Afar by @Protagonist and Donor by @Elena_H. Captivating reading awaits you, should you give them a try.


@Elsee @kirakana Thank you so much for the mentions!!! You guys totally made my morning :heart:

Edit: I somehow missed it earlier (sorry! :frowning: ), but thanks to @Punchysporkk as well!


@kirakana Well, cheers! Delighted to hear that you enjoyed it.

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@ToxicDreams Villain : The Catalyst
I enjoy the fresh take on many of the elements hat make super powered stories interesting.

@MeltingPenguins Curious Cuisine
The combination of super powers and cuisine is brilliant, but the more impressive feat, is the fact that they are presented in equally interesting ways.

@Carawen The Shadow Society
I admire the descriptive writing style. The story makes it very easy to to place ones self in the the MC’s mind frame.

@Samuel_H_Young The Enchanter’s Misery
All of the works by this author are noteworthy. This one, in particular, gives me a feeling of nostalgia, as it is highly reminiscent of my days playing table top RPGs.

@Leem Reports From Philomena
I admire the sense of intrigue that this story has already managed to relay. The author has displayed a great skill at setting tone, that I am sure will pay off in the continuation of the story.

@SmolPirate Law-Abiding Citizen
I enjoy the use of dialogue, as it humanizes the characters, and makes them seem like real people.

@rinari Shepherds Of Haven
This is an immensely entertaining piece, that gives the feeling of a robust scope. The story feels very “big”, in a way that suggests that there is more happening in the world than is portrayed through the main story.

@bl00dragon The Wight King
The writing in this work, is inspired. Many wonderful elements of epic fantasies, questing fantasies, battle fantasies, along with others, are relayed with an almost poetic tone.

Though I have listed these wonderful examples, many beautiful/exciting/intriguing/creative/inventive elements can be found in all works. I admire those with the passion and courage to share their insights into the human experience through writing, and all who lend their talents to the artistic cosmos.


There are a lot of great WIPs and amazing authors out there, but if I have to pick my absolute favourite… I’d say A Drop of Night by @Ylva

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Thank you for the very high praise for Shepherds of Haven, @Blmc000! I’m honored! :blush:

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I was mentioned four times already? What kind of sorcery is this? :japanese_goblin:

Well, thank you guys anyway. :blush:

Dies from being praised on his writing.



Thank you, this means a lot to me. You just made my day :blush:


I really don’t think there are enough times people can emphasize Shepherd’s of Haven.

Also, pretty much all the other ones everybody listed are ones I like too. It takes too long get into all the good points about each of them, and not all of them have the same strengths, but that’s fine. Otherwise it’d get boring seeing everyone focus on the same thing.

I can’t personally verify it, but knowing how hard I worked on my WIPS that are still in the baby stages, I’m confident they all worked really hard on there things and should be proud of them.


hahaha thank you so much for such high praise!! I definitely think that future iterations will be much better (now that I’ve gotten a hang of things) and I’m glad that you enjoyed some of the features designed into the game play!!

I love it when people have a good time playing the game so I’m super excited and happy to hear that :smile: Looking forward to the full version when it is finally published on the playstore!!!

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And after I inadvertently admonished you for calling yourself lazy… Thank you, I’m not worthy!!! :sob::pray::sob:

It’s truly mind blowing to see my WIP mentioned so much. And tremendously flattering gotta say thank you all for the praise and appreciation.

Also means I better get back at it.
Much luv


I second any mentions of A Thousand Miles of Sky by @SirEdmund! I admittedly need to read way more WIPs (I tend to avoid them only because my own work gets so easily influenced) but this one really captivated me! :grin:

Thank you so much, that really means a lot to me! :sob:

Does anyone know what the name of that one CoG with an immortal female warrior in demonic armor who was basically a walking corpse being kept alive by it, travelling across a ruined world?