Recommended Games?


Hello! I’ve only really fully played the Choice of Romance, so I was wondering if anyone could recommend me their favorites. If possible, I like stories that have a good amount of romance, but it doesn’t have to be the main thing of course. I’m open to anything really ^.^

Recommended games

Let’s see.

Slammed has both wrestling and romance, if you go the face path at least. Really decently written as well.

The Heroes Rise series just recently put out it’s third game in the series, good amount of romance and of course you get to be a superhero.

Zombie Exodus is more focused on the relationships of the undead world, like Walking Dead but yeah, it’s a long game and well written as well.

Way Walkers series your classic “Take a wizard to a school to learn magic.” Has a self containing universe and romance is good in the second part.

Tin Star is your classic western but it’s superbly written with plenty of likeable characters. Romance is good as well.

Choice of the Deathless is Phoenix Wright meets VTM. Romance is so-so but the in game world is strong with this one.

Mecha Ace is all about the mechs, not so much the romance. Still in it and it isn’t bad, but again, all about the mechs.

Sabres of Infinity has a very strong, developed world of what if feels like to be a solider. No romance… yet.

I’m lumping Mobster, Life of a Wizard and Paradox Factor together because they’re made by the same author. Relationships mean something in his stories and often affect your character, check them out if you want.

Anything else I can’t recommend. Take a look at those first then try some other titles.


I personally really enjoyed Way Walkers: University and its sequel, Life of a Mobster, Life of a Wizard, Zombie Exodus, Sabres of Infinity, Choice of the Dragon, and Choice of the Star Captain. Oh, and Trial of the Demon Hunter. :wink:


Well if you like a romance focus you would probably enjoy Choice of the Vampire and its followup in Fall of Mephsis, of which you can play the first part for free online. That has two well crafted- if ultimately doomed - romance options. For games with great stories, meaningful choices and such I can also suggest Zombie Exodus, Apex Patrol, Tin Star, Life of a Wizard, Life of a Mobster, Neighbourhood Necromancer… it’ll be really down to taste and your favourite genres, really.


Worth noting that Zombie Exodus does have a good amount of romance – not sure other reviewers have mentioned that yet.


Yeah, ZE has great romance.


Slammed! is my favourite of the official choice games. It definitely seems like an odd choice but it has one of my favourite choice game romances in it. I don’t even like wrestling so it’s a sign of how great the author’s writing is that I loved Slammed!

Choice of Deathless is another favourite of mine. I liked one of the romances in it but did feel it could have been more well developed. The plot was great though, as was the setting, actually the whole concept is one I really enjoyed and I liked the degree of choice.

Paradox Factor could definitely be read as a sci-fi romance since love is one of the primary motivations. I wouldn’t say the story is a romance as such since it tackles everything so quickly in broad sweeping strokes.

I liked one romance in Choice of Broadsides, but I didn’t think it was wrapped up well enough. It was clear it was added in after the fact.

The ones in Choice of the Vampire (have only played the first game) were too depressing for me. Although Vampire is good.

Heroes Rise is rather polarising. Some people love the relationships in it, others not so much. I enjoyed the game.

And everything else everyone has said here. I’ve likely forgotten many.


as everyone said, ZE, Tin Star, and Life of a mobster all have good romance options.


Pretty much all of them. My favorite series thus far is Heroes Rise, but I was surprised how much I liked Slammed! considering my total ignorance of everything wrestling-related. It was really well written and easy to get into even if wrestling’s not your thing.


Way Walkers: University should be one of the choices when it comes to romance. The characters are interesting and pretty well thought up. You don’t get the opportunity to put a ring on it, because the MC is like… a teenager, but it’s good nonetheless. :slight_smile:


I never played Slammed or Way walkers, maybe I should try them out


Slammed! has a crippling amount of fake choices, but it’s good otherwise. Way Walkers is amazing.



I disagree. :slight_smile: I’ve disagreed previously, I’ll do so again. I loved Slammed, I loved the amount of choice there, and I thought that the fake choices were well implemented and close to invisible. I think they did actually add to the story.


To me, they were very obvious and extremely depressing xD. It seemed like there were even more than in The Prodigy.


Oh wow thanks so much for all the great suggestions! I think I’ll try Zombie Exodus or Way Walkers first :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure me and FairyGodFeather are the only two who like slammed and I honestly hate wrestling. However the game that sounds the best has to be…PancakesofDoom! I mean who wouldn’t want to play a game where pancakes have become evil?


I like Slammed! and hate wrestling xD.


Lol that’s how everyone who’s liked it feels it seems


I held out on getting Slammed! until I’d played every other title. I finally caved and got it while waiting for Herofall. I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed it. It’s one of my favorites. I also love Deathless, but that’s probably partly because I’m a lawyer.


Did anyone in Deathless remind you of anyone at work?