Recommend me a new game


So it’s been a couple of months since I last bought one of these games–not since October. I know several more have come out since then, and seeing as I have some holiday money left over, I’d like to mark the new year by buying some of them.

So, out of the games that have been released since October, which would you recommend? I don’t have a setting/plot preference, but I do enjoy ones with strong stories, a well-written cast/romance, and branching paths instead of railroads. Please keep the list short, two–four games, and tell me what you liked about them!


Captive of Fortune :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it’s a huge improvement on my first gamebook.

Also, Community College Hero: it has great characters, meaningful choices, good writing, and decent length.


Community College Hero for three reasons:

  1. You get to choose what type of hero you become.
  2. Has high replay value
  3. A legendary and awesome character called Stoic.


If you haven’t tried them yet Sabres Of Infinity or The Lost Heir. Both have sequels coming out this year and were both very enjoyable imo. Community College Hero ofc because of Stoic. If I kept I’d probably list like 90% of all stuff out on CoG and Hosted rn haha.


Community College Hero and A Study in Steampunk.


Metahuman. Inc.You get to play with otherworldly tech and beings, unusual characters and unexpected plot twists.

Another game which I thoroughly enjoy is Tin Star. Although the western backdrop is a bit cliche, it readily makes up for it with memorable romances, a narcissistic sheriff and very high replayability value.

Although if I were you , I would buy all the games because all of them are awesome.


Choice of Robots is my all time favorite so far if you haven’t played that and it can have some pretty massive branches.

Pendragon Rising is my favorite in recent months but I’m not sure how much that branches. A Study in Steampunk seems to branches pretty significantly but that one I haven’t actually finished (people seem to really like it though).


Community College Hero is my personal favorite.


A Study in Steampunk-Steampunk, Great romance,Plot and story well written. This can turn very emotional,I won’t tell much but I really recommended this.

Meta Human-a more technical game but if you played the demo you can get hooked by what happens, the Romance is in the weak side but the focus of the game was in the plot and the managing of a company