Community College Hero, Pendragon Rising or MetaHuman Inc

So it’s near Christmas and I’m one of those unfortunate ones that are low on funds this month :cry:, so I can only buy one out of this three. Community College Hero, Pendragon Rising or MetaHuman Inc.
In your opinion which should I choose?

I’m going to have to say meta human on the strength of its demo alone. You should grab the other two when able though.


Pendragon rising, because it’s pretty cool, wheras Metahuman is more technical(It’s still great), and CCH is first in a series.

Hmmm…you could pick the game with the most positive reviews on Steam AND Android (and Apple, barely). :smirk:


Metahuman because it’s on sale right now. Pick the other two up when you get a chance.

MetaHuman was great and it’s on sale. Community College Hero is great as well. You can join StoicNation

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Community College Hero is one of the best games on CoG, you should definitely buy it.


Pendragon is great but the epilogue sets up a sequel that hasn’t even been confirmed, plus the stat rising system is pretty annoyiong.
I haven’t played MetaHuman but I’d still say that you should play CCH.
Even though it’s the first of a trilogy it wraps up the story (I mean side plots and character arcs) rather nicely, it also has good humor, the story is pretty interesting, lots of choices, and, above all else, it has the best character in the history of mankind… Stoic.
And the other characters are okay too.


CCH for three reasons:

You can choose what kind of hero you are.
College shenanigans.


Community College Hero is the best to me.
Great story and great characters.

Pendragon is good but the end is quite deceptive.

MetaHuman is great too, technical but less fun compared with CCH to me.


Definitely MetaHuman.


Just waiting on Ian Thomas.


preparing for the Battle Royale between three talented writers to gain a new fan.

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Whooo! Fight! Fight!

I’m giddy with anticipation.

Edit. I’d go with Community College Hero

Cch is my fav game!

Writing Rumble!!!

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The MetaHuman Inc demo really impressed me. It looks like a pretty damn solid game, so I’m sold.

Pendragon was good, but I hated how the stats were constantly fluctuating. I can’t exactly enjoy the story if I’m too busy juggling my stats to do so.

The reception CCH has been getting speaks for itself, I suppose. I can’t approve of how short the demo was, though.

You can’t exactly go wrong with any of them, but I would suggest getting Metahuman while it’s still on sale.


CCH is just the first book so if u wanna try it out its up to you i recommend the its fun and sad, the first book will just be character development so yeah.

Pendragon is ok too but i dont think that they will make a sequel because they ended the story but they can still make a a 2nd so if u dont want cliffhanger stories try it out.

Metahuman i havent really bought it so i cant say anything about it. Is the story good guys? In the google play store theres only 9 people who just bought it so idk if i should. Should i?

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Yeah! What he said.



Metahuman, since CCH is a series and Pendragon (In my opinion- no offence) isn’t as replayable as Metahuman.

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I bought Metahuman!!!

Typically I’d buy Pendragon since I’m naturally drawn historical themes and the Arthurian legend but I do hear many problems with stats and some things relating to gender that breaks the immersion on the game. And the ending lacking closure.

Community College Hero, now I’m 100% thats a great game since @Nathan_Faxon suggested it,I’m a big fan of super powered individuals and the reviews are positive, the demo is short to hook you into buying it but its understandable.

Now with Metahuman this game and the authors work I truly adore, the demo and the way it ended left me saying “what the heck just happened?” it made you want to buy it just to satisfy that urge to know. I’m reading this atm and im loving it.

Next month when I have money definitely I’m buying CCH, and by the way what’s Stoic Nation?