Recommend a game


Hi there! I’m new to Choice of Games and was wondering if anybody could recommend any free games that I could play, just to get a decent idea of how Choice of Games. (I’d prefer games with pretty complicated scripting, just to give me an idea of what people can do with the platform.)

Recommended games

Welcome @Briar_Rose I strongly recommend Choice of Broadsides for the following:

  • Excellent story and world-building, rich but not overly complex.
  • Fleshed-out characters with tracking relationship stats, tested at certain intervals.
  • Multiple character stats to develop, with many different ways to reach your goals.
  • A staggeringly wide array of possible consequences for your actions, including long, comprehensive endings depending on your performance in numerous areas.

Possibly my all-time favorite COG, I’m still coming back to it years after the first playthrough.


I largely agree with Rupert. Of the free CoGs, the best is either Choice of Broadsides or Choice of the Vampire.


I agree, guys. I also recommend Choice of the Dragon.


Choice of Broadsides and the free demo of Sabres of Infinity. Those are the two games I keep returning to every month to just relive the experience. They are absolutely fantastic.


Thanks guys! I’ll go give Choice of Broadsides a read through first.


Yeah, you may as well check out all the free demo’s :slight_smile: