Reaper-The Growing Storm (WIP) (Update, being rewritten)

A man lies on his deathbed. A life wasted from grief and sorrow. He lies in bed alone surrounded only by his memories of a better time.

He spends days like this, staring at his wall waiting. Sometimes the man’s nephews and nieces would come to visit him. But, ultimately he is alone. His thoughts and dreams are consumed by them, the one he loved, the one that was taken far too soon from him. He’s wasted his life mourning them, praying to every god he knew to bring them back to him. They never did.

Then the day came, the day the man could no longer get up, when he felt the darkness creeping in on him. Now he lays in that accursed bed, the man is furious. Not at death, not at his own mortal body, but at himself. He wasted years of his life in sorrow for someone who would never know it, he cursed himself in every way he knew how, he cried till tears could no longer run down his face. But then he pleaded, he plead with every god, deity and demigod he knew to spare him, to give him another chance.

Then darkness engulfed him

Hello friends and fellow choice games enthusiast,

I’ve been mulling over the idea to make my own choice script story for a while and have finally decided to do it. I really only have a bare bones idea on how to work the script so don’t expect anything fancy. updates will probably be few and far between but they normally will be when I finish a chapter.

The game includes the prologue and a bit of chapter 1 at the moment but there should be more on the way soon.
current word count (10,000-ish)

The story:
The game starts in the 18th century and as the prologue has stated you have wasted your life, and while on your death bed pleading for mercy, someone or more accurately something comes to you. It explains that your needed to guard earth from a creature much like themselves. An now in the late 21st century when super hero’s rise darkness confides to destroy all life in the known and unknown universe. Will you be able to stem the tide of this evil or shall you abandon the oath you took so long ago.

And as a side note the prologue is written from a male perspective though this game is not gender locked and you shall have the ability to chose your gender in the first chapter. At the moment I do not intend to have a non-gender choice, but if enough people request it I shall add one


Feel free to leave any feedback, comments, suggestions or bugs you find down below and I’ll get to them as soon as possible.


I like the spin on this super-hero story. Like the dark undertone.

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Your story seems to have a lot of potential! I like the idea that the MC is like an undead guard of sorts.

Quick little things:

  • Your You’re shrouded in a pitch blackness.
  • it stops and it’s its smile lowers slightly.

The pronouns of Death are inconsistent, one moment it’s “It” then He/Him/His, then They/Their/Theirs.

Seems pretty cool so far, I’m really interested in this story already.

Also I’d like to know if there will be a RO in the story besides the beloved or not.


@Nazroth sorry about that I started writing Death as a man then changed my mind half way through, I’ll look through the game again and try and find any that I missed.
And yes I do intend to include Ro’s, at the moment there will be 4, 2 male and 2 female.


Definitely an interesting premise.


Pretty good. I have a question, so beings with great power made a rule to not kill each other right?

No. You see the beings death and as I’m calling it right now the darkness, don’t want to kill each other. It’s more of the darkness is messing with deaths pet project, which is the universe. This is basicly on the scale of a big brother messing with a little brothers things. The rules on the other hand is what death made to stop themselves from breaking everything.

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I like the premise a lot.
Me: I promise I will never break my promise.
Also me: breaks promise, joins demons

Death: “sigh, guess I got to start again.”
Proceeds to reverse the big bang

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Beginning so interesting and reminded me of “Cat lady” a little bit.

I am not sure about typo, but:

  • I will rencarte them.” your eyes…

“The pitch blackness then begins to recede to a dim light. And there in the chair at the corner of your bed sits what you can only describe as a shadow.”
“You look over its appearance*.* It has a body of pure black, and on its head float two slits that you believe are eyes. They’re crimson red in color and move on the edges like flames.”
“reminds you of Chestier Cat from Alice in Wonderland. He wears a smile of a predator knowing its prey has no power.”

“To your astonishment the creature’s smile widens, “Do you not recognize me, friend?” it stops and its smile lowers slightly. “Oh right we haven’t met yet. Sorry, your timelines can be so confusing. But that’s beside the point, I should probably introduce myself and play along with this timeline,” they clear their throat (you think) with a sharp ahem, “My name is unfortunately far past your capacity to say, but your kin has been kind enough to give a name of their own.” Another predatory smile grows on its face."

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I can see this going far.:grin:

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Thanks for the spot, I’ll fix those as soon as I can.

I have returned!
Hey I’ve just emerged from my writing cave and finally have some stuff done. At the moment Only half of chapter one is done, and it’s probably filled grammar and spelling mistakes but it’s progress none the less.

I hope you all enjoy and if you have any feedback or have spotted any errors feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get to it as soon as I can.


I’m having trouble coming up with a name for the heroine who “saves” you. I got three ideas but there not that original. If you got any suggestions feel free to leave below or vote on one of these

  • Red
  • Quicky
  • Speedy

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like I said not original or creative at all but I’m not good with names.

Ha. I would have voted for Quicky to be frank…
I suppose I’m immature in that regard. :wink:


So I’ve been thinking on how to do updates and I’m wondering if those of you who are interested in my book would prefer weekly updates, or should I keep things the way they are and only update when I have something to release?

  • Keep as is

  • make it weekly

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Hey there, I have another update. I still haven’t finished chapter 1 its taking a lot longer than I thought it would but progress is being made. So without further delay, I hope you enjoy

If you have any comments suggestions or other wise feel free to leave it in the comments below and I’ll get to it as fast as possibly.


I really like where this is going, I hope you finish this soon

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