Reaching the Dawn [WIP] | A tale about Greek mythology!

Hey there!

So, I have started a story out of whim. I am, by no means, a coder or a professional author so this is all new to me. Criticism is greatly appreciated! I don’t know what to write here honestly so bear with me!

Reaching the Dawn tells the tale of a doctor (you) who not only has to make important decision to save a patient’s life, but also has to shoulder the weight of the entire city on the shoulders. Join in on the adventure and expands your knowledge on Greek mythology!

What you can do in this story:

  • Play as a male, female or non-binary.
  • Customise your character’s appearance and personality!
  • Romance four love interests, changeable genders.
  • Learn inaccurate yet accurate Greek mythology.
  • Be friends with more Greek Gods and mortals!
  • Join in the fight against monsters.
  • Learn the lore of the monsters, choosing to spare or kill them! (not implemented yet)
  • Make important decisions in life as a doctor for your patients. (not implemented yet)


Love interests
  1. Zeus
    Their light brown eyes shine in a golden shade under the sun and no matter how hard you try, you couldn’t see their thoughts through their stern gaze. The jagged scar across their face does not hide their beautiful facial structure but it does become a topic that they do not wish to talk about.

Certainly a God who will get things done and definitely not afraid to point out something, no matter how harsh it is. They are someone who focuses on his task, often nags Poseidon for having their focus somewhere else. Though they’re not one to be distracted, they’re not entirely heartless either. Whenever they smile, it seems as if the joy does not reach their eyes. You wonder if they will ever smile genuinely at you.

  1. Poseidon
    A sunshine that reminds you of the beach itself. Poseidon has a beautiful dark skin and freckles that scattered all over their skin. Contrast to their golden skin tone, their wavy hair is in a platinum shade. You find their eyes the most mesmerizing, their colour shines like how the moonlight is reflected from the cold sea.

A God who seems to like jokes and getting reactions from mortals. They are easygoing compared to everyone else so getting close to them is rather simple — if you can handle their teasing. Despite being flirtatious and likes to play around, Poseidon does not easily succumb to feelings, just like their two siblings.

  1. Hades
    A God that resembles the coldness of the underworld. With green eyes that shine like the deep River of Styx, they are able to fill mortals with fear just from a simple gaze. Their raven black hair definitely is meant for the lord of the underworld, certainly would make everyone swoon over them, if not for their cold personality.

A God of less words and more of a glare (though it does seem that is not their intention). Despite having a cold and quiet demeanor, they have a kind heart deep down towards the people they care about. As the oldest of the three, Hades seems to not mind taking the blame for them.

  1. Luke/Lucia Pierce
    The detective constable of Vinemore City who is dragged into the world of mythology as well. Their amber eyes hold a certain gentleness that one might wonder if they’re good at doing their job as a detective but once you see them in action, you will no doubt take back your words!

A kind human being who tries their very best to protect the civilians. Though they can be workaholic on some days, they will no doubt spare some of their time for their loved ones.


The romance is certainly the genre that I am going for in this story but I will also try to put non-romance route in the story as well. Because three LIs are going to be Gods and one LI is mortal, it would be impossible to combine their interactions until the later chapters. So, in the very beginning, I will be separating them in a rather weird way (you will get what I mean in chapter 3).


The lore will no doubt be somewhat incomplete with no full details given because the story is not completed yet. I am just trying it out at the moment so it might or might not be in the final story.

This story is mainly inspired by twc and tssw!

p.s. I also just want to say that the Greek mythology is not 100% accurate, as you can see with the LIs being able to be women. There’s also a limit to which I can research so please do google before deciding to quote from my story! It’s not my intention to offend anyone!

p.s.s. obviously, the doctor role is not entirely accurate. everything is written to make things easier for me.

To play the demo, go here:

Update log
  • 14/4/2023: Added chapter 2.
    • Added a non-romance choice in chapter 1.
    • Added fourth love interest!
    • Added some variables in startup file, apologies if the save system resets!!
    • Lore system is now available (though there’s not much, unfortunately)
  • 11/4/2023: Sacrificed my sleep to implement the save system, hallelujah!!
  • 10/4/2023: Uploaded prologue and chapter 1.

as a Greek I’m happy to hear this and I still worship the Greek gods to me it’s still a religion what’s no better that gods that are human they may make mistakes in the act just like humans do so I’m happy to hear it of reach of the Dawn and I can’t wait to see how this plays down in your perspective involving Greek religion


Too bad there’s no at least one RO who is a human :thinking:

But I will definitely take a look at the demo when I have time, because the description sounds promising. And I always enjoy games where MC is a doctor!


Thank you for giving this a try! I am fairly eager & excited to be writing some parts in Greek mythology, especially on other Gods as well. I’m glad to hear that you’re happy to hear this as well. I do try to keep everything as accurate as possible but it’s definitely difficult. :sob:


Oh, my! You’re definitely giving me an idea haha. I wasn’t thinking about a human LI, but now I am definitely thinking! I do have a character in mind so I guess we will see how it goes.
Thank you for giving this a try though! I appreciate it more than you think. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ran into an error

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Thank you for telling me that! :heart: Should be fixed now, sorry for the trouble!


Good luck to any of you women romancing Zeus. I’m praying for ya.


I love that the personality we chose is reflected in our MC’s general demeanor, I also like that being cold doesn’t affect character relationships in a negative way (I don’t like it when I feel compelled to be a ray of sunshine).
I just love RO Pov and can’t wait to read how this wip progresses, I wish you the best of luck :sparkling_heart:.


Black Box ? I really hope Mc is not some sort of Pandora xD" We definitely won’t open it … Right ?
( do it,do it,do it) :shushing_face:


I mean…in that situation maybe prayer isn’t really the right response…


Ahhhh, I’m so happy to hear someone noticing about the slight changes in the general story & not from the branch choices!! It may not be much right now, but I do plan to make MC’s personality changes the usual story. I’m also glad to hear that you enjoyed it, thank you for giving it a try! :heart: :heart:


I don’t think you have a choice either way haha.


Maybe Hades will help


no it’s all right this is your story and what do you view of the Greek gods to me I’m just happy to see you’re expected in the story :smiley:

oh the black box who wouldn’t open that box I always wanted to know what was inside I don’t really care about the consequences that might come after might mean the Doom of my existence so the thrill of finding something new


I immediately decided on Hades. Saw her and it was love at first sight.


Black hair and green eyes? Yes, please!

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Im always excited to see stories and takes about most pantheons that i can think of, so im really excited to see where this leads!

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I’m going for Hades I always love that character he is technically the best husband