RATiO: The Seraphica -- LAST UPDATED: 6/22/18 (WIP)

GAME LINK: https://dashingdon.com/go/2887
Word Tracker Page: HERE
(This is where I’ll be keeping track of how many words I have in each section of the game along with how many I still need to write).
Monthly Updates: HERE

RATiO is an episodic game with an urban fantasy setting, based in a world where the supernatural have recently come out to the public.

You play as a hunter (or a RATiO member), having been born into the business.

My Goals include:

  • Sexual preferences: straight, gay/lesbian, bi, pan, and asexual.
  • Gender options: male, female, non-binary (option to choose what pronouns are used, including the option to type in pronouns yourself.)
  • Quality of life details. Little things that change just depending on what a character says, you might find a few in the first episode. I can go into these a little more if anyone is curious.
  • A trait/perk system along with stats.
  • Dynamic NPC’s and character interactions. I have always been told I was good at writing side characters and I thoroughly enjoy writing them! (More an in the works thing, as it is only one episode after all).
  • Eleven to thirteen “episodes”.
  • A good amount of branching, which I believe I gave the feel for in the first episode already, but we’ll see via some feedback!
  • Romance options! Wewt.
  • A world that feels real, the kind of world that isn’t “It’s the mc’s world they all just live in it.”

A Few Things of Note:

  • This game features some old mythology that I researched. I did add some of my own flare and such to some of the creatures, however.
  • I’m aware it’s all pretty ambitious, I’m very detail oriented which is why there are so many small/big things going on. So forgive me if my mind is all over the place when I’m talking, it’s just how I work.
  • Sometimes I go into looong stretches of silence. I have very severe social anxiety and thus, talking with people (even online) is difficult for me.

Couldn’t play too much of it, due to time zones (THREAD WAS POSTED NEAR MIDNIGHT! CURSE YOU, FAMILY! FORCING ME TO SLEEP!)

However, from what I’ve seen of it so far, this is a very interesting story. Will follow this closely.


When choosing to put sabrina (I don’t remember if that’s how you spell her name) in the report it goes to the next page and says you didn’t mention her

i really love the game the story make me think of unnatural … oh and I love the way you add so many mythical creature :heart_eyes:


WOW! … Just wow this really cool but there is a race thing in the statscreen so are we going to be able to become a monster or a hybrid? Cause I want my character to be something like Dunpeal from Vampire Hunter D (he is a half vampire)

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I’ll look into that! thank you for the feedback! And yes, it’s spelled Sabrina.

Edit: I’m going to guess you went with the text report. Like a derp I forgot to add the variable there!

Nice catch. It should be fixed now.

Thanks :smile:

Yes you will be able to become something other than human. Though you can’t be half vampire.

Thanks for the encouragement. :smiley:

Wow. This is gonna take place in Indiana? Awesome! Might be a little more into this game then others just because of that! Who wouldn’t find it cool to read something about the place you live? :smile:

By the way, I like it so far! The codex/stats updating as you go is a nifty feature and so is turning the notices on/off.

Cool game reminds of the TV show Supernatural.


Yes it will! Hopefully I can make it seem realistic enough. My mom used to live in Indiana as a child, so I decided I’d set it up there.

I watched a bit of supernatural, hopefully I can differentiate it from that TV series though.

I’m going to play this blind without reading any information. Wish me luck.

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Oh MY fuck, this game is freaking good. I lost my place though -3- I got to where Sabrina’s parents died :stuck_out_tongue: smile Keep up the good work homie!!

Oooh A new demo,…I love new demo’s

I’m so glad you liked it!

Hope you enjoy it!

If anyone has any suggestions feel free to voice them!

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This certainly seems ambitious. Lots of replay potential too, if you’re planning on a second season.

Found a bit of a coding error near the end. A pretty minor one but still something to note:

You manage to drift off to sleep. 8set equip false

Yes, unfortunately I think I’m incapable of unambitious projects half the time. But I really enjoy writing for RATiO as of right now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Thank you! I think you saw that right before I updated it. A friend told me about that error. it should be fixed now. :smile:

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I feel like it’s a little odd that the story your “uncle” tells is one of you being bullied as a child. I know it’s a stat checkpoint but I feel like it doesn’t fit with the flow of the story.

When you admit your feelings for one of your friends they respond by saying “We’ll talk about it later.” Seems kind of odd for someone who’s a good friend. I think the response should be different based on how high your relationship is with them.

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Do you mean you find it odd he tells a story about you being bullied or the option in which you can bully the child back?

For the former, it’s meant to convey that he was proud you took care of yourself. Maybe I didn’t make that clear enough or maybe people really will find that odd.

I’ll put it on the suggestion list and look over it tomorrow before I start writing again!

And I’ll look into Jamie’s response too and add to it based on your relationship. I don’t know yet if I’ll make it possible to have a whole conversation about it at the party, but no matter what the crush thing will be discussed/resolved in the second episode.

Thanks for your feedback! I’ll update tomorrow about what I’ve done/decided. :relaxed:

To everyone,

I’m actually curious, how high were you able to get Jamie’s stat?

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I really like this so far can’t wait more

Ah. The uncle seems to be more teasing and by the way its explained in the story that seems to be more of what you’re going for but if it was him being proud of you that makes more sense.

Does Jamie have a set sexual preference or do your actions shift it? I know that that might bring up controversy in your thread about nature versus nurture in regards to homosexuality but I’m speaking purely from a game standpoint.