RANDOMTEST FAILED: Error: line 953: No selectable options

The error I’m getting is:RANDOMTEST FAILED: Error: line 953: No selectable options

My code looks like this:

		*label olaquetal
			#Are there other dogs?
				[i]"Yes, but I keep them away from Cerberus. He plays a little too rough with common dogs."[/i] Hermes says. [i]"I'll take you there in a second."[/i]
				*goto olaquetal
			#Isn't Cerberus supposed to be Hell's guardian?
				[i]"Sate likes to scare people with those stories, but little ol' Cerby is too friendly to be a guard dog."[/i] You both chuckle.
				*goto olaquetal
			#How did you end up in Hell?
				[i]"How did [b]you[/b]?"[/i] This question catches you by surprise. Sate prohibited you from telling the truth, but are you going to stick to the rules? Lily glares at you, communicating you should lie to him.
					#I'll tell the truth.
						[i]"I wish I knew for sure. Apparently someone's using my body and I'm trying to recover it."[/i]
						Hermes is shocked: [i]"You mean there's an impostor controlling your corpse?"[/i]
						You exclaim: [i]"NO! Don't call it that. I hope my body is alive."[/i]
						He gives you a sympathetic smile before speaking: [i]"I'm sure it'll be alright. Tell me if I can help you with anything."[/i]
						Lily doesn't interfere, although you feel her stiffen and cross her arms. The young caretaker puts a reassuring hand on your shoulder: [i]"None of you have to worry about me telling your story. I know how to keep secrets. Besides, I stay the whole day surrounded by dogs. There's no one to tell this to."[/i]
						[i]"I gave you my story, now you owe me yours."[/i] You muse.
						The Greek agrees and starts his tale:
						[i]"I lived in a Greek city-state called Thebes. I have no idea how long ago it was, there's no such thing as time down here. My family earned money by producing and selling wool. However, it was never what I wanted for my future, and I would sneak out and play with my two dogs all day long. Hermes was not my real name, and it's been so long that I don't recall what they called me. All I know is that Sate gave me this name when I took over this job, promising me to turn me into a god. Sometimes I still hear people's prayers."[/i]
						[i]"But how did you get here?"[/i] you inquire.
						"I killed my father." Hermes looks away, visibly sheepish. 
						[i]He looked so pure[/i] - you think to yourself - [/i] how could someone like him do something so grotesque? 
						[i]"Why?"[/i] You mutter under your breath.
						[i]"I was angry. It wasn't even for a good cause. I was furious at him for a reason I don't remember anymore, and I beat my poor father until he was done."[/i] The boy closes his eyes for a second. [i]"Nothing justifies my crimes, but I was so young, so stupid... Then I arrived here not long after. Condemned to death because of murder. Sate saw goodness in me, somewhere, and gave me the chance to work for him instead of being punished. I was so, so grateful! I worked hard enough for him to promote me to this position and turn my name into a legend." [/i]
						[i]"Sate does that."[/i] Lily chimes in. [i]"He's got the uncanny gift of seeing goodness in others when God Himself found none."[/i]
						Silence. You can tell the subject is over and nobody wants to be the first one to break the quietness. 
						*set lily -20
						*set Hermes +20
						*set heaven +10
						*set toldHermes true

try having this

   #I'll tell the truth
      *goto tell_truth
   #I'll lie
      *goto tell_lie

*label tell_truth
"I wish I knew for sure"

I think its protesting there being just one choice here.
Also, if this is the only option intended
might work

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Well you have *hide_reuse on, and are sending players back to that *label olaquetal. I’m guessing that bottom question eventually leads back up to the label too. Once it’s back there, all of those questions will be hidden, and the game will get to that *choice with no selectable options


Oh makes sense. I must be looking at it for so long that I can’t notice anything wrong anymore. Thanks!