The joy of Randomtest sigh. Can someone remind me how randomtests "Seeds" work

So Episodes 1-4 of season two pass quicktest but are failing randomtest specifically at “Seed 436”

*****Seed 436

RANDOMTEST FAILED: Error: line 268: No selectable options

Now I know what the error is but trying to troubleshoot it I run randomtest as a single iteration for “Seed 436” but that passes

Word count: 43214
Time: 0.994s

I’ve tried to test 435 and 437 and they also pass.

This is very odd, has anyone else encountered this?

EDIT: This occurs in a seed every so often but each time they will pass individually so I’ m a but confused now. I can create a choice which bypasses the issue but I don’t like have a “bug fix” choice in the game.


You’ve got a problem on line 268 (an empty choice selection) which only triggers on specific run throughs of the game (i.e. seeds). Fix the the bug on 268 and randomtest won’t fail.

I would guess you have choices which have *if conditions which are triggering on some playthroughs but not others, or it’s a loop and you have options being hidden on repeat.


Hi I know what the issue is and can fix it with another choice. The thing that is confusing me is the fact randomtest tells me it fails at “Seed ##” but if I run that particular seed by itself it passes the test.

Run also the prior and the next one, I think I had a similar issue some time

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I’ve done that too they still pass. Its really weird. Going to try again tomorrow I think.

did you clear your cache?


Thats one thing I haven’t done but I’m using the CSIDE so not sure if it would still affect it or not.

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Awesome :slight_smile:

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I’ll give that a try tomorrow!

edit: Cleared the cache and its working now.


The other thing to keep in mind is the “try unused options” flag. If you want to reproduce a seed test, you need that flag to be off.

So, turn off unused options, and if it fails on seed 756, you could run 756 with full text and see the error.


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