One (Hopefully) Quick Question re: Randomtest

Just a quick question:

I have a few very special branches that are difficult for a player to get to without absolute intention. So, you have to have played the game and know you need a certain level of a few attributes and a certain number of $$ in your account, etc.

The fact that randomtest is not achieving these choices shouldn’t be too concerning from what I understand, right? Sorry if this is a total n00b question, but I am a total n00b as this is the first randomtest I’ve attempted. Pretty cool/useful!

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How many times did you set randomtest to run?

the default. 10000 i believe, correct?

was able to catch a few very silly bugs with incorrect indents and missing symbols, etc. it passed the random test, but never achieved those choices, which was something i for sure wanted to check. by my calculations, they shouldn’t be unreachable, just very, very difficult to reach. aka, have to make 10-15 intentional (correct) choices to get to them. so, choosing/testing randomly would be very difficult to achieve.

the safest way is to playtest the game in a browser (either through index or by uploading it to dashingdon) and try to get the path.
Dashingdon might be the best choice, as there you can add in the save function.

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got it, yeah i can personally get to them knowing how to. i guess that really just answers my question and i’m being paranoid, lol. Thanks!

Better safe than sorry.
I had merged a couple of scene files today and forgot to remove a couple of *finish.
Whoops. Wouldn’t have known if not for direct testing.

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Yeah, there’s bits of XoR that RT never reaches because they require strategic rather than random play. As long as you can reach it by playtest, you’re good.


If every choice is 50/50, the chances of getting all 10 correctly is less than 1 out of 1,000.

For 15, it’s 1 out of 32,768.

If every choice has 3 options, the chances of getting 15 correctly is less than one out of fourteen million.