Randomtest just stopping?

Right, so, because I am getting ready to live with the beta thread for my gamebook, randomtest and quicktest are pretty much essential. The thing is, though, that whenever I try to run randomtest, it gets to seed 8 and then just stops. It always stops on the same choice, but no matter how many times I go look at the code, I can’t find anything wrong with it! Quicktest works fine, so I’m thinking either I am not noticing something or I accidentally borked randomtest somehow.

Any help would be monumentally appreciated!

The code for where it stops on (chapter4 *choice 474#1 (line 484)) looks like this:

*label 42qna2c2
	*disable_reuse #"When do the war games begin?" I ask.
		"From what I know of Lord-Smith Lustre, he's gonna want to start as soon as possible. Probably tomorrow or the day after, I'd bet."
		*goto 42qna2c2
	*disable_reuse #"What do we do, exactly?" I inquire.
		"Heh, now there's the important question! To be honest, even though it really sucks, there's not much we [i]can[/i] do to prepare for these things, given their spontaneity. I'm not a big fan, but you've got to admit it's kinda fun thinking on your feet once in a while!"
		*goto 42qna2c2
	*disable_reuse #"How many people will be 'invading'?" I question.
		"For sure not his whole army, but a decent portion of it. These things are taken pretty seriously."
		*goto 42qna2c2
	#"No more questions," I say.
		"Great! Let's get to thinking, then," he addresses you and Non'Caesura.
		He gets up off of his cot. Sulo explains that all equipment is blunted during the war games to eliminate the possibility of injury or death. They are to be solely a friendly competition in order to test the might of two allies against each other, and last until one side either captures the other's leader/stronghold, successfully repel the invasion, or someone surrenders. Perhaps unfortunately for you, no one ever surrenders.
		*goto 43start

Have you tried starting randomtest at seed 8 to see if it goes through?
Also, the same with seeds 9 and 10.

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Yep, it’s so weird: it goes for 8 and then just stops!

It’s weird that it goes through the others.
Huh, just to make sure it’s not somehow looping:

Could you manually move the flavortext to their own labels and just come back to the choice?
See if it’s still stopping?


Just tried that:

*label 42qna2c2option1
"From what I know of Lord-Smith Lustre, he's gonna want to start as soon as possible. Probably tomorrow or the day after, I'd bet."
*goto 42qna2c2
*label 42qna2c2option2
"Heh, now there's the important question! To be honest, even though it really sucks, there's not much we [i]can[/i] do to prepare for these things, given their spontaneity. I'm not a big fan, but you've got to admit it's kinda fun thinking on your feet once in a while!"
*goto 42qna2c2
*label 42qna2c2option3
"For sure not his whole army, but a decent portion of it. These things are taken pretty seriously."
*goto 42qna2c2

It is still stopping at the same spot. I think this is especially weird because I have three other versions of these choices with different characters but those seem to be working fine!

Huh, odd.
Does randomtest pick a choice and stop or does it just not proceed afterwards?

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It looks kind of like it is doing both, actually.

Have you tried showing the full text?

also what does the code for the label then look like?

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I have tried that, but it is so much text that it crashes my browser. ):

bother. Can you show us the code of the next label?

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Yep, it’s pretty big so I’ll collapse it.

[b]Chapter 4.3: Gild the Lilies[/b]

*if athlete
	You spend the rest of the day outlining your plan of attack (or should I say defense?) in preparation for Amerdale's assault. Ser Aurum seems to be of the opinion that devising intricate battle positions is going to overcomplicate everything, and instead favors a simple line formation tiered around the docks in a crescent. Non'Caesura suggested that you at least build ramparts, and Archidamia reluctantly agreed, as long as they also had sharpened logs embedded within the earth.
	In all honesty, you don't really have a head for this kind of strategic planning. You're strong and you know how to use a weapon, but regardless of how much you may want to contribute to this planning session, anything you could add would most likely be shot-down. So instead, you pay careful attention to the creation of their scheme.
	Construction is set to begin immediately on a curved rampart made of packed dirt, on which archers will be positioned behind a barricade of pointed driftwood stuck into the ground at an angle, facing the water. In front of the rampart, five rows of ten heavy soldiers are to stand ready with spears and greatshields. Then, as one moves closer to the lake, another five rows of ten footsoldiers, and then three more. You, Non'Caesura, and Ser Aurum will be stationed in between the third and fourth rows in order to give you a proper position to both fight and change tactics if the need arises.
	You had best hope that a good offense is indeed the best defense.
	*goto 43a2
*if brainiac
	Wiley gets out the miniature version of Fort Guerrison, and the three of you begin to work on your battle strategy. If Amerdale is indeed going to arrive by ship, as it seems, then your efforts should be focused on building a strong wall of defense around the docks area. It already slopes naturally into the lake, so that gives you the advantage of the high ground. Non'Caesura proposes that you erect a rampart in a crescent, whose edges encompass the docks.
	That gives you an idea.
	Thinking quickly, you draw an imaginary rampart with your finger and then place some of the clay figurines behind and in front of it, with the majority of them hidden from view on the safe side of the wall. You then explain your plan: you position enough of your troops in front of the rampart to make it seem like a serious play, but then when Ser Lustre approaches, the reserve soldiers who had been unseen from his perspective rush out and capture him.
	Both Non'Caesura and Wiley nod their heads in agreement.
	*goto 43b2
*if charmer
	"What did Emperor Maganat mean when he said you were in charge of 'what we discussed previously'?" asks Non'Caesura. "I am assuming, probably rightfully so, that whichever responsibility you are being given is [i]our[/i] duty as well, no?"
	"Wow, yep! You're good at that, Non'Caesura -- I forgot all about what he said," Sulo responds, perhaps worryingly casually. "Well, when this happens, I usually sit it out and let Commander Aurum worry about planning. I'm not really a 'defense' kinda guy, you see. I can weasel and infiltrate with the best of 'em, but my talents aren't very suited to repelling an invasion force."
	"Do you mean to say that we are simply going to stand around and do nothing, sir?! Why, of all the dastardly, craven things to do!" Non'Caesura huffs.
	Sulo holds his hands half-up in surrender. "Now wait just a minute, I never said we weren't gonna do [i]anything[/i]. Ya'see, Lord-Smith Lustre has a bit of a... theatrical side. You'll see what I mean -- the point is that he gets real into this, and that's where we're gonna come in. Just relax and have fun with it, you guys'll be fine."
	Non'Caesura, frustrated with this non-answer, goes to sulk on his cot. You can't say that you aren't feeling something similar. What, exactly, does Sulo mean by "theatrical"? You suppose there is only one way to find out, and that is to wait.
	*goto 43c2
*if skilled
	Fabricia clears a relatively clutter-free patch on the canvas floor of the tent where the three of you begin to brainstorm. Soon, the area around where you are sitting becomes littered with paper, bits of charcoal, and rubber eraser chunks. Non'Caesura is busy puzzling over a miniature siege tower when one of its bindings breaks loose and a stick rolls underneath one of your sheets of paper. As you lift up the paper to retrieve it, an idea hits you.
	In order to demonstrate, you need the stick to remain where it is. Obviously a little miffed, but still intrigued, Non'Caesura leans closer as you begin to explain your plan to trap the beach.
	"See how the stick lies under the paper, out of sight?" you ask, and cover it. "But when the paper is lifted, it becomes visible again! What if we dug-out pits in the beach and lined them with wood so they didn't collapse. Their tops would be hinged and covered with sand. Then, our soldiers could hide inside while Amerdale and his forces walk onto the beach. And once we give the signal -- BAM! They climb out and hit them with a surprise attack."
	"That, uhh, that could work," Fabricia responds.
	"It would need to be remarkably quick, though, to prevent Ser Lustre's men from simply closing the boxes. And they need to be spacious enough for a few soldiers and their equipment," adds Non'Caesura.
	"We'll use spare shipping containers -- some of those can fit ten adults inside them," you offer.
	"Hmmm... I suppose..." Non'Caesura concedes.
	"Let's, like, get to digging, then!" Fabricia adds.
	*goto 43s2
*label 43a2

When you start up randomtest, tell it to start on seed 8, and only do 1 iteration.
That way it should only test seed 8 and there should not be excess text on your screen.

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That’s exactly what I tried, lol. I’m too verbose for my own good, I guess. : P

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just a shot into the blue:
try putting the page_break above the goto at the choicebody?

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In the code you posted, what if you are not athlete/brainiac/charmer/skilled?

Above *label 43a2 try putting in a *comment to see if the code fell through like *comment FALL THRU ABOVE 43a2

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Just tried – no dice.

Then you are playing a different game, because you must be.

I tried this where you suggested and also where I know randomtest is, well, testing. Both times I didn’t see anything. No idea if that means anything.

The funny thing is that it just seems to be seed 8, every other one reaches the end of the demo.

Oops sorry, it doesn’t seem to show in randomtest if you put it in a comment. try just having the text by itself “fall through” and see if your show full text in randomtest shows it.

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I can’t show full text at all or it will crash my browser. ):

Well, the first thing to note is that sounds like you have an infinite loop. I bet you if you play through making the same choices your browser will also hang then. You should go through you game, tracking what the current stats are, following the same path that seed takes until you hit the loop.


And you’re testing in Firefox?

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