Random Test Just Stops

I was doing the radomtest for my game and seed 0 ran fine and then when it gets to seed 1 it just stops and won’t go past the point in the picture and there’s nothing there as to if there’s a problem so I’m not sure what the problem is, I run the tests in Firefox if that helps.

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I’m not super familiar with random test and I know it can have some quirks when encountering certain code.

Three things I would check.
In your code, for the choice ‘how soon would I be able to leave?’ Is it definitely wired in correctly? It doesn’t somehow skip to the end of the game or something?

Did seed 0 take that option too? Because if so, it evidently works as an option.

What happens if you manually play the game and take the same options. Can you take that choice and does it work?

If you can confirm the game works when running manually, it may be a quirk of random test

Typically this can happen if your game hits an infinite loop. Does that seem like something that could be happening around that “how soon would I be able to leave” choice?


Seed 0 took the same option as seed 1 and seed 0 was able to complete the game but I will check out the other option you suggested.

Also ran a quick test if you haven’t already.

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