Questions about Choice Script visual customization

Hi, nice to meet you all. I’m an artist by trade, and have some questions about what choice script can and can’t do in terms of visuals.

I realize these questions are very extensive. I’m not ambitious enough to try all of the below in one go, but I’d like to get a clear idea up front of if and how I’d be able to utilize my skill set for stuff other than the cover image. Thanks for your time and help.

So can you … ?

1. Change the main menu buttons? Altering font and color, moving them, making the partially transparent, replacing them with images, and otherwise customizing and better integrating them?

2. Change the next buttons? Changing the font, color, shape, or even swapping in an image? I.E. a small shield for a fantasy game, and then the same shield with crossed swords for next chapter?

3. Change the BG of the game or stat screen? And have it swap out, by chapter or otherwise? To a color, scrolling border, simple image, or even an unobtrusive GIF, like falling snow?

4. Change the stat screen? Changing the text per questions above, bar color and shape, or even replacing some stats with small images?

6. Change the choice menus? Altering the text, button type, color, etc.?

7. BONUS: Can you add any music or basic sounds? Such as a page turning sound, a blip for achievements, or a SFX when you make a particular or important choice?

Finally, if Choice Script does not allow me to do some of the above, is it based in a code that would, even assuming all I’ve got is gumption, basic coding experience, and knowledgeable friends in a pinch? (I mean in the same way I’ve heard that the visual novel engine Ren’Py is based in and compatible with python.)

That about covers it, I hope none of this is answered somewhere obvious that I missed. Thanks to anyone willing to answer my questions in part or in full.

Yes, you can mod the game, but your changes will probably be removed if you publish your game with COG/hosted games or upload an uncompiled game to dashingdon. Visual impared users might have trouble with images, so there’s that. Renpy might be a better platform for games with lots of sounds and changing backgrounds. To edit your choice game visually, you must have basic coding knowledge and edit the style.css.

  1. CS Fade & Color Mod (V 1.2)
  2. A stat chart image can be simply added if that’s what you want . A choice command adds choices. An if command hides or shows text.
  3. CS Fade & Color Mod (V 1.2)
      There has been a visual novel created with CoG, but it isn’t compatible with mobile because you have to scroll to see the whole screen. I know it’s hard to test on kindle, mobile, computer, ipod, and all the different platforms, but if a game doesn’t work, less people are going to like and play it. Lunchtime at St. Expeditus (ChoiceScript VN)

Thanks for such an excellent reply. I’ve read through the links it all either looks straightforward or like I could learn it with just a bit of effort. To clarify; my goal isn’t to create a visual novel, otherwise I would indeed use Ren’Py. But I would like to selectively add some visual effects to give atmosphere to a text based game.

I have two follow up questions, if you or anyone else has the time:

1. Forum: I can’t access this thread: Is there a way for me to view it?

2. Next Button Images: Reading through the style guide I see you can modify the next button with CSS … if I just put an image tag inside the Next button brackets, and then make the default button invisible with color or transparency, could that get me a custom button? Or is there a better way to do it?

Thanks again.

Just remove the extra 3 in the game link.

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1, 2, 3, & 5) Would require CSS/html/JavaScript editing and there’s a publishing concern.
4) Same as above, except images are already possible.
7) *sound is a command that plays sounds.