Question about the HOG Contract: Can you publish the same story in different code?

Can an author publish a story using choicescript via Hosted Games, and publish the same story written in another code elsewhere?

I like the forum and publishing structure of COG, but the graphics and functions of Choicescript leave much to be desired compared to Twine. I want to be able to publish a story in more than one form.

I’d say the answer is no, not if you want it published as anything but a free game.

I may be mistaken, as I can’t find the topic where it was stated, but the answer is no. In accordance with the contracts, the game published under COG/HG is not allowed to be published anywhere else. Even if the code is changed from choicescript to something else. Even if the code is removed completely, and the game’s form is changed to classic printable CYOA. Also I doubt that it wold be possible to publish the same story in different form for free, if it’s published under COG/HG with commercial license.

Edit: nvm, here are the answers from COO: