[Tool] Chronicler - ChoiceScript Visual Code Editor

You cannot sell a ChoiceScript game through another publisher without a commercial license.

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Can you sell the game by taking out the code and using either different code or creating a non-choice version of the story either before or after publishing through your company, and if so, do you require a cut from the profits either way as long as more than 10% of the words are used in the story?

The licensing agreement precludes you releasing the same story/content in a competing format, such as Twine, Ink, Ren’Py, CYOA book, etc etc.

Okay, so I can release a non-choice version novel of the story electronically or physically without requiring to give you a royalty? Also, if I want to sell a physical version of my ChoiceScript version, how does that work out?

Yes, a novel version (no choices) would be fine.

There is no way to sell a physical version.

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Thanks. Though I was considering publishing a novelette or novella of a choice-based story (like Goosebumps) that I could sell through through Amazon’s print on demand method. Perhaps a simpler version than the one I might sell through Hosted Games. That’s why I was asking that question. Thoughts?

Choice-based story is a competing format.

Oh. I thought I read somewhere that it couldn’t be electronic but physical was fine. But if not, then okay. I’m curious, 1) would it be okay if a physical format was fine if you got a percentage of the profits? Also, 2) what if Hosted Games was considered the publisher of the physical story to make it non-competing and you still get a percentage of the profits or I just got 25%?

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I’m not going to discuss this any further until you have a written game.

Understood. Thank you.

@BenSeawalker After this conversation we’ve had with Jason Hill, are you still willing to incorporate ChoiceScript code in your new version of Chronicler for the authors who publish through Hosted Games, Choice of Games, or Hearts Choice?

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@RileyRock-pen @jasonstevanhill

I don’t see a problem with allowing import and export of CS code. So long as they choose to sell the game only on one or the other platform. But that will be up to the user to decide.

When Chronicler gets closer to being finished I’ll reach out to the CS PR team and see if we can agree on some system that’ll help prevent plagiarism.

[please don’t try to speak for Choice of Games if you don’t actually know the answer. —JSH]

In addition, from my understanding, the only way a game using ChoiceScript software can be published outside of this publishing company is if the other company has a paid license to publish games using ChoiceScript, which costs ~$20k I believe and the author is not publishing through this publisher as well. - though I would advise people to refer back to Mr. Hill’s posts and to contact his company.

You know Jason’s the COO, right?

I’m actually not sure what he’s referring to there. Or why he edited my comment to type that rather than post a new one *shrugs

To be clear, rather than reply or message me directly, he edited my post and typed that line.



Look, I love CYOA games. It’s why I’m doing this. In particular I believe CoG is currently the best platform out there. I’ve poured a lot of time and effort into making a product that would make it easier for people to create these games, thereby bringing value to CoG. Admittedly the version of myself that made it was a much younger and far less experienced programmer and it makes me cringe now at how poor Chronicler is in some aspects.
Which is what I aim to correct with the new version.
For the Chronicler marketplace, if I do decide to go that route, I wasn’t planning on charging any kind of royalties. All profits would belong with their author. I might make a patreon after it is running to cover hosting costs, but that should be inexpensive enough that I’d be willing to cover it myself.

All I want to do is bring value to this community and help budding authors achieve their dreams.
I apologize if I’ve sounded arrogant or made incorrect statements in the past.

For now, I’ll speak no more of this endeavor until it’s finished.



I wonder iill Chronicler be accessible to visually impaired people (using no mouse at all and a scree reader such as NVDA) ?
So far i have been able to code with choicescript as a blind person since i just ned to edit TXT files and test on web navigators, wich are both accessible with screen readers.


having a new issue where i can’t properly open the chronicler window; it just doesn’t go into focus when i click it. rebooting hasn’t helped, and i have no idea what brought this on


Just giving you positive feedback — I’m a slut for interactive fiction tools and I’m highly anticipating whatever you make! :slight_smile:


Is Chronicler accessible with screen-readers? Specifically, I use JAWS, in case that matters.