Putting a game on Steam and app stores

How would I go about putting a game on Steam or apple app store and google play?

You personally? I’d reckon that’ll take a lot of trouble for any type of game. If you’re talking about putting a game written in ChoiceScript on any of those platforms yourself, to put it bluntly, you’re not allowed to. (See the ChoiceScript License)

You could publish a game written in ChoiceScript as a hosted game though. For more information on that see this. It’s not certain it’ll get published on Steam though (or at least not immediately). The people from ChoiceofGames are only allowed to publish a specified number of games on there, and their own titles and the popular series published as Hosted Games take priority.


I knew that it would have to go through Choice of Games, I didn’t know the process after that. But that makes sense that they can’t publish a ton of games onto Steam and fill Steam with games. Also I read the second link and it answered my questions.

Every Hosted Games gets published on iTunes and Google Play; we are limited in the number of Hosted Games we can publish to Steam.