Pulse University - a Mech Game (WiP) - Updated 5/3/2020

Stay safe man🙏🏼

Same, Louisiana was not prepared for this at all. Got rolling blackouts and a boil warning on our tap water.

The southern states weren’t prepared at all…hope everyone’s doing alright, and stay safe- the snow really did a lot of damage.

Surprisingly, in my area (I live in Canada), we didn’t get a lot of snow- we only got one? two? heavy snowfalls… Why did the snow migrate too.

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I have no idea but Texans cannot be happy about it.

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we wern’t but texas is slowly recovering.


I certainly hope you guys are

Hey guys, this discussion is slowly going towards snow storms instead of this work in progress…

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idk why, but when you are designing your Pulse, and you choose the Rogue chassis and Chainsword, when you get to the upgrades, if you just select an upgrade, then choose to go back and look at the other upgrades, if you do it repeatedly, then your speed, style, kinetic and firepower stats just keep going up, even going beyond the stat cap. Ive attached some screenshots.

this is the upgrade screen im talking about

after doing this one time. (i accidentally did it before i took a screenshot of the base stats) (just subtract 5% from the four stats the i mentioned to get the base stats)

after doing this ten times

the upgrade i first looked at was the tempered chain links option, but after i went back to look at the other options it didn’t which option i chose, they all added 5% to the stats that i mentioned.

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I just tested it some more by choosing a different option as the one i looked at first, and i still got the 5% to style, speed, kinetic, and firepower.

also, the advanced cockipit HUD option has a typo, its cockpit, not cockipit.

So this day have come, I knew this is inevitable but … :pensive:

Have you been using the bug?

Thank you for catching that. Simple coding error already fixed for next update

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i was doing another playthrough and found the same bug that i mentioned yesterday by choosing the Longbow chassis and the LAWS weapon, except it affected Energy instead of Kinetic

@Iskrylon yupp, what it was is if you meet a certain amount of style or speed with the weapons it awards you more stats to make up for the initial lower stats on the chsinsword or laws. Basically they start off lower but can become higher with pre requisite stats. The problem was I awarded those stats on a page you could continuously come back to over and over again