Tactical Force (Story Idea/WIP) Added Link!


I have a link to the story as it is right now, no actual development, just a few basic identifying questions, but still, I just like everyone to know that this IS happening. Read below for more info!


Features Added Currently

-Stats chart with skills(7 skills at the moment), fame, and cash
-Relationships with some possible team members (only shows if you’re on a team)
-How close you are to being detected as a cheater (shows if cheater is bought)
-3 possible different stat boosts in the beginning.
-Fatigue system (limits what you can do each day)
-Identifiers( IGN, name, gender)

Hey, before I get into this, let me introduce myself. I use the pen name Cole Chandler, and I’m a bit of a new writer. I’m a student coming out of high school, but I’ve always had a love for writing (mostly poetry). A couple years back, I started writing fanfiction (Naruto, to be specific) and gained a great love for the fanfiction community too. I started participating in a lot of RP websites and even wrote some original stories. Just a few months ago, I came across Community College Hero, and I fell in love with it. I started researching what it was created with exactly, and studied up a bit on Choicescript (which wasn’t that hard, easy to grasp if you do your homework on it.) made a few test stories, and decided I’d become familiar enough with the language.

I came up with one story, which was a bit too much like Community College Hero, so I put that on hold. My other idea was the following.

Ever since your friend introduced you to Tactical Force, you can’t stop playing it! Tactical Force has a reputation for being an extremely competitive game, and for good reason. While there are a few casual game modes, its main competitive mode is VERY in depth. From listening to footsteps of the opponents, to mastering recoil control, to even seeing the shadows of your enemies on the walls of bright maps, you must use everything in the game to gain a tactical advantage. You fell in love with this game in high school, now moving onto college, you’re taking the play more seriously.

Lately though, the US teams have been suffering in terms of competitive games, and are starting to looking for more teams to be formed. Some of the US’s best are clearing rosters and searching for new players- This is your chance to make it with the professionals of this game! Will you rise to the top in gaming history? Or chalk this down as another game you play on the weekends?

I’ve written a storyline for this, it’s not a very complex storyline, but it’s focused more on the freedom of choices you have. A huge part of this is being able to make the in game choices to win the matches you participate in, which are won by a combination of skill and decision making. Right now, I only have the introduction and a few basic things down, as I just started working yesterday, but I plan to put in as much work is needed to bring my vision to life. I think this idea is unique, because it’s very similar to an text based game, but still maintains a storyline. This may seem like a lot of things to do, but it’s far from impossible. It will take a good amount of time though.

Features Added Currently

-Stats chart with skills(7 skills at the moment), fame, and cash
-Relationships with some possible team members (only shows if you’re on a team)
-How close you are to being detected as a cheater (shows if cheater is bought)
-3 possible different stat boosts in the beginning.
-Fatigue system (limits what you can do each day)

Planned Features
-Option to visit online store (Buy PC upgrades to increase skill, I’ve started working on this, may require an inventory, possibility of adding skins to increase fame, then keep as a perm variable when the weapon is described in game)
-Option to visit online hacker store (Buy cheats, other things?)
-Actual changes in the plot depending on how you perform, what team you join
-Multiple options on which team to join
-Roles to play (IGL, Rifler, Sniper) depending on your stats
-In game decisions that actually effect the outcome of the game
-Fame system(Allows you to get sponsored, do interviews, I.E)

I’m definitely going to add and remove features as I go on farther with this project, but I do expect it to be a HUGE story that will take some time, but I’ll make sure to get tests in to assure you I haven’t forgot, and to get some feedback. I’m working on this solo right now and I don’t know if it’s actually possible to finish this solo, so I’m probably going to need a bit of help here. While I might have a friend involved, I’m definitely open to both amateurs and veterans to help out with testing, plot details, and coding.

I’d love to hear feedback and ideas about the storyline and features, so drop something in the comments.

If you’d like to be a part of the development team, contact tacticalforcecog@gmail.com with information of previous stories, what you can contribute, and your level of skill.


Cole Chandler



I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself.

Unique and original story from what I’ve seen on here and it reminds of something I watched the other week called Videogame High School. I would definitely give this a shot because there’s nothing I love more than pwning some noobs :wink:


You might be interested in looking up SC2VN on Steam- free to play e-sports VN. Wouldn’t mind a FPS e-sports CSgame. I’d be a lot better at it than actual FPS. ; P


count me in :stuck_out_tongue:


So it like a virtual reality game


I think its actualy a pc game. From what I read we are a competitive gamer. I wouldnt mind a game where you’re not something uber special for once.


OK. U can Count me in :laughing:


So a few questions:

What is ‘Tactical Force’? We know it’s team based and combat, but will be a game console, pc or futuristic virtual goggles and game suit kind? Simple and sounds unimportant but it’ll give a few of us a basis :wink:

Will there be aspects outside of the gaming atmosphere such as making time for friends and family, college/work etc.

You say we can pick a team, does this mean unique NPCs in each one? How many per team? Guessing 3 or 4.

will I get to PUNCH asshole players in meat space? Such as campers, trash talkers and that? :joy:


Time for MarktheDarkSniper to come out of hiding!


Tactical Force is a PC game, I tried to avoid saying this for as long as I could, but think Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Basically the same thing, in a general sense. In terms of tech, this is placed in 2015, something I left out.

As for the life outside of the game, I’m thinking of a rent idea to keep players motivated as one thing. I’m on the fence about actual schoolwork though, as it would only matter in the early stages of the story. One of the main points about this story though, is that a lot of the choices are made out of game with your team, and when speaking to the press, ect. There will be interviews, lans, and other opportunities outside of the game to interact. I was thinking about maybe trying for a romance storyline, but I’ll see how it fits in. In the beginning, there aren’t many social opportunities though.

There are 5 people to a team, and at the moment I’ve decided on 2 or 3 team choices for the reader. The members of the team have very distinct differences, and aren’t just “generic”

That’s actually something I had planned, in game there will be desicions where teammates are flaming or playing bad and you can choose to trash talk. But there’s also a lan where someone starts to trash talk a bit much, and that IS something you can do. Favorite scene personally


So I’m having a guess to say once we pick our team we are provided a place for us all to stay. As well as the gaming stuff I imagine you can have R&R with your crew, as a full group or one on one. I can see a scene where we all just order pizza and beer and have major banter. Romance is always a nice side storyline, could be where you make some time for each other outside tournament and the two of you just go co-op on a separate game :smile: But I wouldn’t make every team member an RO since that would make 15 possibilities and you wouldn’t want to overwork yourself writing each one.

Oh I’m so going to look forward to that scene! Whatever choices there is I’ll just punch them either way :joy: But I’m also noticing you can choose your type of gamer like trash talker, shoutout (point out enemy positions, supplies etc.) supporter, leader etc.


I think I’m gonna enjoy this game

“Say evans, alone in his kitchen. Wearing an amazing poncho. (I am proud to have a poncho now)”


It’s a story about me :blush:

Sounds very interesting, can’t wait


Werent you a potato? I swear I thought you were a potato.


This seems like it would be very interesting.If you do make it then I would love to play and test it.


Shouldn’t this be moved to the Work in Progress category?


Deep down inside I’m always a potato


interested too see where this is going even if the “demo” does not show much. seen this concept before hope you can too something along the same lines here.