Pulse University - a Mech Game (WiP) - Updated 5/3/2020

Also question, would anyone be too upset if I removed the option to romance your mechanic? I am just not happy with how it’s turning out and I feel like they are better represented as side characters instead of fully fleshed out romancable options on the same level as your teammates


Yeah I have not come across that yet but I would have to agree that romancing a mechanic who you do not intend on being a main character does seem a little weird in my opinion.

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All right, but if I can’t romance them, those repairs better get done on time…

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What, how dare you take away a feature I didn’t even realize was in the game. Lol.

Sure, go ahead.


Yeah I didn’t realize that was a possibility but yeah better as side characters than ros

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Not sure why its doing it though. I never once chose him and yet his stat keeps going up. Which is weird cause it keeps bringing up scenes out of context my MC wouldn’t know

Wasn’t even aware it was an option, go right ahead.

I don’t mind,
Unless a compelling reason to romance you McCanna, aside from the possibility of getting your stuff fixed faster I guess? Pops up, then it kind of goes a bit weird, since you don’t wanna get to know the mechanics all that well as I am the first meeting. Right?

Is there something missing between the two paragraphs?

Also I believe there should be a break here-

Yeah totally fine with the mechanics not being romance options :+1:

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I agree with @Ant_Merf. It is a good idea. Plus, the primary focus in the game isn’t romance. You should do what you believe is better and what flows best with your story.

If the Mechanic Romance is not consistent/does not flow with your story, it may be best to leave it out.


  1. Break, not Brake
  2. image
    I believe that’s supposed to say: pushed him into being out of position.

  3. A couple of commas and an apostrophe.

  4. on your day off.

  5. Some make you laugh out loud, but a fair number of them needed explaining. The ride wasn’t going to be peaceful forever. (You used “but”, which made it sound like it was continuing the previous sentence.

  6. Slender instead of sender.
    It may just be me, but this part- " almost as if it’s been days since his last meal" makes me imagine him as “sickly” or “weak”. I would suggest making a different sentence (and not making him sound starved, so using words like “lean”, “lithe” or “slight”) or just simply taking the "sentence out.
    These are just my thoughts on the matter; you are the author :stuck_out_tongue:

  7. There should be a line break here?

  8. comma

  9. I believe there shouldn’t be a break here

I like how this game doesn’t take itself to seriously , nothing wrong with serious games but i do like humor once in a while


A great thing for comedy is the setting. The Borderlands is hilarious. But the characters take the setting seriously, we enjoy the commentary and the ridiculous nature of things. And they embrace it and do not break the narrative.

I wouldn’t say this is the same, Borderlsnds is the extreme example. But I enjoy all the jokes in place, and the characters are taking the world seriously.

Wish i had time to play the update.


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