Psychotic WIP working title

After a miracle saved you from death, a bullet shot to the head, former detective(you) goes on to investigate and hunt down the guys that attacked and almost killed you. During your journey, you feel something odd, as if a more psychotic force is trying to take over you. Will you be able to control it?

Will work on the summary.

By the way, can you guys suggest a good starting scene? I cant seem to find one. Thanks.


there is not much info to go on, but maybe the starting scene could be the incident of being shot in the head.


I think good starting scene would be during No-knock drug warrant, when you would search suspect house. Some cartel guy maby, for better plot twist? :thinking:

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Like Memento ?

(20 character)

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Maybe you could start off in the hospital, with a doctor asking you various questions about yourself to test your memory and state of mind?

I’m not sure if that’s actual medical practice or not, but it’d be a good way to organically work in the usual “describe character here” questions, as well as any personality/backstory options you want the player to pick.


Fallout new vegas Doc Mitchell lol.

In real life I don’t think hospital staff or doctors go outside of date of birth?, What’s your name?, Who’s the president? etc.

So not a lot of opportunity for deep defining questions.

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Sounds interesting but not lot to go on


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