Psy High — Read minds, fight evil, and save the junior prom!

True. I did get her as an ally in the first MC run (second MC hated her like all the other teachers).

I didn’t even know you could end up duelling Pierce with magic, I learn new things all the time. In my last couple runs I just rallied my allies to block Pierce and the Model Citizens then Carla’s crew jumped them and they got locked in a room. Then I did them for tax fraud. What magic did Pierce have? Was it a hard fight?

There are many ways to deal with him, and I have only jumped straight to the magic duel. But to get there, you must be acting against him using the Nexus and hide from him with a low-Subtlety MC (if you hide with high Subtlety or lots of allies to distract with, your plan goes perfectly and you don’t fight him). As for the fight itself, it wasn’t hard (the two MCs that I fought with had 90 and 70 magic (roughly) respectively).

Taylor continues to break up with me saying my life is a mess and that I don’t care about my future, but I have tried multiple playthroughs making sure I focus on school and studying and any positive activity yet nothing works. Trying the opposite and being rebellious doesn’t work either. What’s the key thing that makes her break up with the main character?

Can’t remember much, but I’m pretty sure Taylor would break up with MC no matter what.

No he won’t if you go with the prep and give him her reason powers are bad.

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Dear @Grapefruit. I’ve read psy high so many times I just couldn’t get enough of it. It’s brilliant! Now that psy high 2 is out I couldn’t wait to read it.

There is just one small problem. At the end of psy high there is no option to save so I can bring over my data to psy high 2. Is there anyway to update psy high so that I may carry over my save?

Other than that thank you for your hard work on everything you’ve done its much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Ok. I played through this game and what can I say… I like it. Game is funny, witty, characters not bad(not enough time u can spend actually learning about ure friend, but its ok) and interesting enough to catch ure attention. There is nice amount of ways how we can address a problem, and actually solve it, but sometimes I was dealing with some minor problems at coding(loop about ?Jane? with following her after football practice, nothing serious). Over all game have a feeling of highschool detective story and it is nice. I liked solving cases and balancing/dealing with other matter of life of MC and I liked that game give u a variety of paths to unwrap the story. Thank u for experience, from Russia with love :3

Do you know if it’s possible to stay with Andrew/ his female counterpart or does he leave the MC in the end? Also, does what the MC does with the Nexus effect if he(or she) stays with the MC?

I was also wondering about Taylor is it possible to get her to stay at the meating that happens after you investigate clay at the party evrytime i get to that point I invite her over but she leaves after we start talking about teachers so can i get her to stay or will she always leave