Psy High Achievement Difficulty


I’ve been trying to get the achievement “Under Arrest” in Psy High. I’ve been as bad as I can possibly be and still can’t figure out how to get arrested.

I thought maybe it had to do with breaking into the school at night. I did that. I got caught by the janitor, but all he did was call my character’s parents.

Then, I got kicked out of the house, and chose to stay in the car, hoping maybe cops would arrest my character for running away from home. That didn’t happen either.

I also sold drugs for the job, but that doesn’t seem to have any relevance.

What do I need to do for this achievement? It’s the only achievement I haven’t got for the game.


Same here. I’ve did all bad stuff and my obvious is at 90 something and it won’t pop up.


I just checked through the code.

It occurs during the play.

You have to choose to destroy the device.
You have to be standing near the device. (Which is don’t choose to implement your plan during the play, do it before or after.)
You have to have low subtlety or magic. The check’s ((subtle < 45) or (magic < 50))

The trickiest one is you have to have to hit a medium success threshold. Just checking through the code to find out how to do that and the answer is not easily because there’s these +success points scattered about all over. You have to have 3 or 4. You can’t have more. You can’t have less.


Thanks. That was helpful.


Are you on Steam? I noticed when searching for a solution (I’d hoped there was one already written) that there’s someone on Steam who has an achievement guide, but they’re missing the Arrested Achievement. I’m sure they’d really appreciate if you (or anyone else here) could post a few instructions over there on how to get that achievement.


I just got the game, this tip is really helpful! Thanks so much for posting this. Do you know how to get the Trainwreck achievement? I’ve been trying to get it and it hasn’t worked out yet.



The Steam Guide says

Trainwreck!: Have a horrible public breakup. There are several ways to get this achievement. For me, the easiest method I’ve found is to date both Carl/Carla and Tyler/Taylor, and then invite both of them to the meeting in Chapter 5. They’ll fight and breakup and you’ll get the achievement.

If that works, and you have a Steam account, I’m sure the writer of the guide would appreciate you rating the guide.


@FairyGodfeather Wow thank you so much! That was so helpful, I don’t exactly have a steam account now but I’ll find a way!
There’s just one more thing I need to ask. When finding allies, why is the option of asking Mckenzie locked? What favour does she owe me?


@RockStar It was only if you had one. No need to make an account just to say thanks, I’m sure.

I can’t remember the specifics. (Maybe the guide has something.)

There’s a point in the game where Mackenzie might be dragged off to be brainwashed. If you step in, save her, and then tell her you saved her, you can ask a favour from her, which you then cash in at the end.


@FairyGodfeather Oh okay, not really familiar with Steam. Do you know what type of action might unlock that? If not, I’ll check out the guide and see. Thanks so much for your help


I just looked it up. It’s in the section where Mackenzie complains about the prom planning. It happens a few days before the play. (I think.)

Mr Pierce approaches and confronts Mackenzie. You need to choose either of the options to defend Mackenzie. Then you need to choose the options to let her know you did. Then you have to ask for a favor.


Wow thank you so much!


I’m having trouble getting Date a journalist I feel dumb…


All you need to do is to not date any one and take her as a date at the prom.