Promo videos?

Does anyone know if it is ok to make a short promo video for inclusion with the screenshots for a HG release? I’ve seen them, but I think they might be ones COG has made for them rather than the author supplying them. I can’t remember if I’ve seen any others?


There aren’t others, they’re exclusively made for cog games. Though I don’t image there being much of a problem with submitting one with your book. Then again I don’t work for them so I haven’t the foggiest idea if that’s a problem. Mabey this is why I don’t run a company :grinning:

We own all the Intellectual Property rights to our HGs so you can definitely make one. :slight_smile:

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Yeah there are. Gaslight has one for starters, and I seem to remember a couple of others? (But I could be imagining things.) Maybe I should send an email and just confirm if there’s no author made ones up that people know of :slight_smile: