Project Legends: The Battlemage (WIP)



Yeah no I have to fix that. Stat chart is always giving me grief. At the very least when you get to the *set command it changes to the actual percentages. Maybe I should move those *set commands to the beginning… Hmm…


Yeah, that’s how you should be coding. Do you want I pm you with an entire exemples of different types of Stats.


Yes please. Coding help is something I’m always willing to have.
What I wanted to go far was for the relationship stats to not appear until after you met the character. Or at the very least for it to be labeled as Unknown, but atm I can’t figure it out and after taking a fall earlier my head is all boggled up right now lol.

@poison_mara How do you feel the beginning is now from a role playing perspective. Is the knowledge in the beginning making more sense or does it need to be fleshed out more (I assume it does, but I’m more of wondering by how much)


Ok the game has been updated. I mostly focused on reworking paragraphs in the prologue and chapter 1 so that it is a bit more bearable when reading. I also added in some information about two of the kingdoms that bordered the city of Aurora along with an explanation of their magical skills/abilities and their history. Right now the definitions and explanations are a bit basic, but I do plan on expanding on them some more.
I’d also like to know how well the spacing is between paragraphs and what kind of device you are using mobile or computer, etc.

Please let me know what you think. Any feedback is appreciated. Happy playing :slight_smile:

EDIT: What especially interests me is how is the text on a mobile device? Specifically smart phones. Is it a huge wall of text or does it feel just right.

Also are the definitions of the magic styles informative enough? Do you feel you get enough information about them and are they unique/interesting enough? Are you able to mentally picture the strengths and abilities of the styles of magic?

Also I do know I haven’t explained the elemental magic and how it works yet. I actually plan on adding that before the styles of magic as the elements are essentially the foundation of magic.


Game is now updated. Right now it totals about 5k words give or take. I expanded more on the lore and tutoring session. Updated the stat page quite a bit, added in a codex for easy reference to knowledge, edited the prologue a bit more.

In the next update I’ll be adding in the magical elements decisions, introduce the third nation and their style of magic, complete more of chapter 1, and hopefully add in the timeline.

Happy playing!


Amazing! How come I have not noticed this one earlier!


Just letting you all know… I won’t be able to push that next update till maybe Sunday night to Monday Morning at the worst.
Lot of things to do and this lack of sleep is slowly bringing me down. :(sleeping:

Good Morning (Afternoon or Night depending on time zone) everyone and have a good day.
Happy playing :slightly_smiling:


Damn, the wait… I like your writing style :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Welp… That update will be LATE Sunday night at best. As I’m stuck guarding and won’t be replaced till… After the Superbowl
Running on 10 hours of sleep for the past 3 days. Yay.
Anyways as nothing is going on while I’m guarding I’ll be here to answer any lore questions or questions about the game in general.
Help keep the boredom away.


My admittedly juvenile question is, what is the possibility of lightning bolt spells?


I don’t know what is happening but every time I try to go on after the body enhancers I git a 404 error but it sound very interesting though


@817819 that may be possible. Honestly speaking on debating between creating combos with two elements, having enhanced versions of elements, or both.

@nevaskeered atm the enhancements is all that it’s at at least for public use.
While I have a decent amount of it done afterwards I don’t plan on pushing the update until sometime (hopefully) tomorrow, but I’m glad it piqued your interest.


Is it a bug or chapter 2 is not up, yet?


Chapter 2 is not yet up on the DashingDon site. I’m still making several adjustments to Chapter 1 and sometimes the Prologue, but I’m trying to fit in the first magic battle scene in Chapter 1.


Okay, good luck, can’t wait to see more.


Well as I’m sure you’ve all noticed by now that update didn’t get pushed on Monday night as planned :sweat_smile:
Unfortunately life just likes to come in and twist your wrist till you’re writhing on the ground in pain. And in this case life is my martial arts teacher lol.
Anyways that update may actually be a little later as I’ve just gotten a bout of inspiration and am working tirelessly to write, code, and fix those darn variables. I blame @Nathan_Faxon


Good News! That update will be sometime today after my classes.
Just a tidbit about the update.
The third and final Kingdom will be introduced.
The stat page has been heavily (subjectively speaking) updated (again)
Added in an invisible stat that will be hinted at through dialogue rather than the stat page (let’s see who can figure it out. I mentioned it quite a few times in the story)

And if I have the time there’s a good chance I’ll let you choose your elements soon and maybe experiment with them a bit.
How many fire elementals plan on burning their house down?


I, I, I want to burn houses!


Alright so I just baaaareeely managed to get that update in before work comes-a-calling.
In the Update about another 2k or so words have been added bringing the total word count to around 8.1k
You get to learn (YAY) more about the elements, the Third Kingdom, a bit about their founders, and some more about the magic process and usage of mana.
While I didn’t get everything I wanted to put into this update I at the very least got a majority of it.

Ah if only I could have a day or two where I could work on it unhindered.
Oh well.

Enjoy and Happy Playing :slightly_smiling:


Found a bug when helgi says she is going to visit her grandchild:
Now then I expect you to be a good $[boy] now.
EDIT1: I think now at the end of the sentence is unnecessary.
EDIT: Helgi’s, death was quite sudden, maybe you should add something in between.
And is this based in steampunk Era?