Program For Making An Interactive Novel On A Tablet

I am wanting to make an interactive novel on my tablet, anyone have a suggestion for an app I could use. (My tablet is a Kindle Fire) I am looking for a free app to do this on.

Not an app as such, but… @CJW does CSide Browser work on the kindle browser too?

It might…? It’s not really designed to, but I think people have had some luck with iPads.

Maybe Android app might work? I’m using Droidedit Pro, there’s a free version too. Altough, it’s isn’t for writing interactive fiction especifically, it’s a text editor.

I haven’t used it, but a quick search seems to show notepad++ (one of the common programs for coding CS games) has an android version.

Edit: actually just saw this is .net instead of .org. Not sure if it’s the same company. Might want to investigate a bit more before downloading, or check the Google store.

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during a period were I was without a PC I actually managed to use CS:IDE on tablet and smartphone.

It was nightmarish to handle but somehow it works so… meh

Hopefully i’m not too late with this! So, I use this helpful app for coding on android! (not sure about ios.)

Here’s the link;

It’s called spck editor and I was literally amazed when I found out it could run CS too. No clue why I haven’t seen this in the forum before. Try it, I guess, lol😆