Any news on a desktop CSIde?

Hi everyone,
I was just curious what, if anything, is going on with the CSIde desktop environment IDE front? I ask because, now that I am trying Chrome on OS X, the CSIde online program still makes me unable to edit lines within the edit area. With Chrome, it happens on this forum as well… I am now using ChromeVox and I can edit this area just fine, but I’d prefer VoiceOver. Even in Safari, the CSIde has the same behavior.
Does anyone know a good editor on OS X such as Notepad++ etc on Windows? I particularly like StoryMill’s scenes because you can separate them and then export them as a TXT file into one document. The downside? It doesn’t have auto-indentation like the CSIde. It doesn’t need it though because it’s not designed for programmers, it’s designed for novelists. For all you Mac users here, and I have no doubt there are quite a number of you like myself, what tools do you use to make CS development easier?
Thank you.


@Vendetta I remember you mentioning CSide the other day- figure you’d be the best person to point to this (at least that I know).

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The CSIDE is actually @CJW’s project (though with the help of several testers/etc, including @Vendetta).


As @Fiogan quite rightly says, it’s really a subject for @CJW to comment on as & when he feels ready to do so. Suffice it to say, I’m personally very excited about the potential of CSIDE as I believe it will greatly benefit Choice Game authors both old and new (and by extension, CoG itself, and therefore the entire community in the long term).

@Orinks I’d be very surprised, in all honesty, if the public release doesn’t more than adequately meet your needs.


I would have been lost so long ago if it had not been for @CJW’s CSIDE. It will change everything when it gets released, but again it is CJW’s ball.


It’ll be ready soon. This summer definitely.
In the mean time, I believe most MAC OSX authors use sublime.