Problems with windows 7

Hey guys, I just downloaded the choicescript ‘starter pack’ and I tried to start with one of the stories provided, but I’m having problems changing the notebook file into html one. Oh, and if it helps I’ve got Starter, not Ultimate.

Not sure but if you mean that you cannot change a file you open/create in notebook to .html then I may have an answer; when saving the file you first need to change the format of the file in the “save as”- window below the name field to all (otherwise it saves the file in .txt-format) and then name your file as:“somethingyouwant.HTML” (replace the somethingyouwant with anything you like as long as you put the .html at the end of it).

I try but it ends up saving as [insertnamehere].html.txt. When I did do it, when I opened it the page was blank.

It shouldnt do that if you change the format from the dropdown menu under the file name and then insert the .html after the name

Nevermind, I figured it out but now I’m having a problem viewing it on IE, all I see is the code I just wrote.

that indicates there being a problem in the actual code, and that can practically be anything. I’m not so familiar with CoG-code so I’m not be the best one to assist you with that problem.

Usually speaking that could indicate that IE doesnt recognize that code as a website and this usually is caused by there being not html tags in the code (but this concerns only actual website codes so it may be completely different case in CoG coding…