Pride Month is here and so is our new Pride Merch!

Originally published at: Pride Month is here and so is our new Pride Merch! - Choice of Games LLC

We’re proud to announce that our Redbubble Choice of Games merchandise store now has our logo in rainbow for Pride Month!

Choice of Games has always been committed to inclusivity in our games, both in representation of player gender and sexuality, and in our commitment to recruiting and publishing queer authors. We are so pleased to be celebrating Pride in a new way in 2023!

You can find these shirts and many other Choice of Games branded items on Redbubble, where we hope to be adding more options for shirts and merchandise in the coming months.


I love the pride month look of the website, I’d be pleased if it stuck around long-term.


Can we change systems pfp aswell?

Will the Pride merch be also available with just the logo, without the text under it?

Yeah, I’m not a fan of the red text. It hits my eye a bit wrong.

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Not only will it be available without the text, it’s in fact already available without the text, as one of the shop designs:


Ooh yay, I hadn’t spotted that! Maybe that clock will be mine soon.


sigh Any hope those cute little dresses will eventually be not in polyester (it gets so hot!) Although I’m just getting things to sleep in, so it’ll be the men’s long tee for me, I suppose.

Are these permanent additions to the store? Or will the pride logo products disappear after June?

The products themselves are just default Redbubble options and not something we have much control over ourselves, as far as I know, so I don’t know on that.

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I figured that, but I also live in hope! :smiling_face_with_tear:

Looks amazing kid