Choice of Games hosting a roundtable event at GaymerConnect!

Choice of Games will be hosting a roundtable at GaymerConnect! The roundtable participants will be discussing gender and sexuality in Interactive Fiction.

Dan Fabulich will be moderating, and the participants will be Aaron A. Reed, Christine Love, Porpentine, and Zachary Sergi.

Will there be a recording of the panel for those of us who can’t fly to San Francisco?

Oh great! Glad it was officially approved. I’d love to see a transcript or a recording of the panel.

How’d this go?

It was a huge success. They gave us a very small room, and we filled it to capacity and had to turn away as many people at the door.

That said, it was recorded by GaymerConnect. The only problem is finding the person who has the recording and getting them to put it online, so we can share it with you all.

That’s fantastic! Maybe next year you’ll get a much larger room and you can do it all over again. :slight_smile:

I’d love to see the recording, or even a summary of what went on. Will anything about it be posted to the blog? Those sort of articles were one of the reasons I kept returning to the choice of games site even when games weren’t released, since the blog usually had really interesting articles.

Yes, when/if they post it to the GaymerConnect website, we’ll definitely do a blog post linking to it and talking about it.

Glad to hear it went well, looking forward to a write up and/or video :slight_smile:

Well done guys :slight_smile:

Woohoo! The video is finally up!

Awesome! I’ll go watch it.

Thanks for posting the vid - it proved more interesting and thought-provoking than I (quite honestly) initially felt it would be… and especially the occasional glimpse into the minds of one or two authors whose works I’ve enjoyed (that thankfully brief foray into the icky subject of squishy bodily fluids notwithstanding). I’ve no idea who actually picked that panel but IMO it was a fine choice as they each had their own, intriguing way of looking at things and made a very good case – even when I didn’t necessarily agree with them on some of the finer points.

Kudos to Zachary for the ChoiceScript plug - eloquently stated! (And the check’s in the mail. :smiley: ) Seriously though, it was good to see CS represented on the panel by a popular author, as it sometimes feels like our preferred branch of the hobby is an often-overlooked niche in IF, rather than the leading, increasingly-popular format it actually is.

Great job all round, guys: by this time next year, I expect we’ll also see Dan snapped up by a network to host a new talk show! :wink:

Well, we’ve just requested with GaymerX to do another one this year. We going to try to continue the conversation with the same people, but hopefully with another big addition.

I thought it was pronounced Fab-u-LICK!! *mind blown* :open_mouth:
Thanks for uploading this guys!

This was really fun and interesting. All the authors (Dan and Zach especially) seem really cool.


Awesome! I loved the last one.

Today’s the last day to submit a question for the panel!

How did it go?

It’s up!