Site colors returning

Just wanting to voice, with all the love in the world, my disappointment as the pride month colors have come down and the orange has come back. I know this company is one that is supportive of LGBTQIA+ in their works, and not just as token gestures, but that kind of reinforces my feelings on it. I feel like the pride colors help say something about the company and its products that is meaningful, much moreso than the color orange.

Just throwing it out there, this isn’t a rage post or anything.
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I legitimately preferred the rainbow! I thought it looked great. That said, they can do whatever they want with their site lol.


It straight up just looked better as a rainbow, imo, especially in dark mode.


The rainbow was gorgeous, and I loved the show of support during Pride. That said, I’m glad to have the old familiar logo back on the omnibus app, and I understand why they might not want to officially rebrand in Pride colors full-time, lest they be mistaken as allocishet-exclusive rather than LGBTIA-inclusive. (Besides, keeping the rainbow colors would probably start all kinds of discussions about whom, exactly, those colors represent.)


Well, orange is literally the brand color. That’s what branding is. You consistently use the same combination of color palette, images, words and whatnot to create association to the brand. It’s not that orange doesn’t mean anything, it literally means “Choice of Games”.

Also, everything in here:


Companies rebrand all the time, like when Olive Garden realized having grapes in their logo was becoming a joke, and they swapped them out for olives. I’m sure the brand has its reasoning, just like Olive Garden had its reasons for the grapes. Just a suggestion that for a company which has a byline in practically every game they put out saying something like “You can play as male, female, nonbinary, trans, gay, bi, straight, ace”, that aligning that branding with their product might be worth considering, especially as the rainbow on the dark background was, as others have pointed out, more visually appealing.

Of course they can do whatever they want, just felt like voicing my thoughts.