Pride and Prejudice - Beta Testing

Hi, I’d love to play but I’m having a bit of trouble opening the demo. Is there another way it can be posted or another type it can take?

Dropbox no longer works for demos. I suggest using Dashingdon to make things easier for yourself.

Good luck.


This isn’t actually true. Pride and Prejudice is considered in the public domain so people can use its name and contents however they like with no threats of copyright infringement. That’s why there can be so many different versions of pride and prejudice in media: movies, tv specials, books, and games. No one could sue you for anything without being the hypocrite that did what they are accusing you of first. Feel free to name your game what ever you want it to be called. No one is going to come out their 200 year old grave to sue you, I promise.

Same as the others, I don’t know how to open the demo :sweat_smile:

Sorry that the demo isn’t working for people! Here’s a copy on Dashing Don:


When choosing “happy” at the first choice, I get

startup line 306: Non-existent variable 'chapter_1_variable

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I got it to work by extracting the file, then going to the ‘web’ folder and clicking on ‘index’. Also you might want to use Mozilla Firefox to to open ‘index’ as Chrome keeps on blocking it.

And as for the demo, I really loved it :heart_eyes: Can’t wait for the full game!

I’ve got the same error with the demo, regardless of which option I choose.

Yep, I get the same error. No matter the choice.

Also, I have a question. Who’s the fifth gentleman after Lizzy?

“Unlike the novel, you can choose to pursue any of the five gentlemen as a romantic interest, not just Mr. Darcy.”

Both “Happy” and “Jealous” choices give me a “startup line 306: Non-existent variable 'chapter_1_variable” error.

Mr. Collins, Mr. Darcy, Colonel Fitzwilliam, George Wickham and Charles Bingley are the five gentlmen.

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Nice start, although I would definitely consider revising it to feel more authentic to the late 18th/early 19th century period given you have some characters contract their words - bad grammar usage was frowned upon in noble circles - and use very modern expressions like ‘guys’ and so forth.

I enjoyed a lot of what was posted in the demo. As a nit-picky historical note, Wikipedia says that Chopin was born in 1810, so I’m not sure if he’s the most plausible composer to use when you sit down at the pianoforte at the party.

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Hmmmm…Okay, I tried updating the files! It’s working for me. Is it working for other people?

Very cute😁 a very good start.

Daww adorable! A good start indeed!

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I love it! Very well executed :smile:

I really like it! a small problem, though


I choose a different nickname

this makes me want to reread pride and prejudice…

I have to say, I’m intrigued with how this story turns. I would like to volunteer as a beta tester if you’ll have me.

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