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But I like that irritating tick :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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:joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat: good for you, I like irritating people too (some special types) but lol this one’s on it’s own league… :roll_eyes::neutral_face::yum:


Alright, I am going to try making some characters gender selectable! But that might take a while, so I just uploaded the latest addition to the game to keep you occupied. Let me know if you have any feedback on it. :slight_smile:


Majority looks like more people would prefer Isabella stay female, also wouldn’t that be less work?

Loads aren’t working :scream:

Oh! I’ll fix that in a jiffy.

Hope that fixed it! Although, I made some changes to earlier scenes, so I’m not sure if your loads will still work. Sorry about that!


That’s true, but a bunch also chose to make her and Finley gender selectable. So I was thinking that it may benefit people to just go ahead and make multiple characters gender selectable. For example, I can also make Snitch changes genders, while I’m at it. I don’t particularly have plans for him to be romanceable, but it would help if I choose to go that route. That way, any sexuality can enjoy those characters.

That was my thought process, anyway. If it ends up being too much work, I’ll just change my mind.


It works thx

If I allow characters to be gender selectable, this will mean that the majority of characters will all be one gender. Would this be upsetting to you bi/pan people?

  • I would dislike if most characters are the same gender.
  • I’m bi/pan, but I don’t mind if most characters are the same gender.

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You could let people individually pick the gender of each RO regardless of sexuality and if someone picks a RO as a gender they’re not attracted to then just block off romance options. Or have the option to be bi/pan and automatically set some ROs as male and other as female, which would probably be easier.

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New plan. It’s probably more productive for me to just continue working on the story for now and make these changes when I get stuck in the story and need to take some time off from writing new content.


Oi @LordHavoc

My character is female…

Oi @LordHavoc I think this new update has no effect on the stats, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have any effect…

Oh, gee, I’ll definitely have to go and fix that. Thanks for noticing!

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My characters tend to be on the quirky side. I noticed you guys seemed to like Isabella, who is less strange than the others. Do you think the story would be better if I were to make the characters more realistic? There is a chance that I’ll go back and change things to make more paths and improve the story, so I thought I should know what other changes to consider while I’m at it.


Most people like this character (Isabella)despite the very very little interaction with MC cause she’s on the bit of a saner side in the middle of a bunch of eccentric crazies…

That doesn’t mean that those crazies aren’t fun, a story needs some characters that almost everyone hates as much as likable characters…


Naw- keep it as it is! I actually don’t like Isabella as much as some of the others, who I find intriguing (I like them because of their…questionable acts lol).

If you made everyone the same, then where’s the point of different characters?

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I have made some characters gender selectable! Specifically Finley and Isabella, whose name has been changed to Val to keep her consistent with her male counterpart. I decided to keep the other characters as their original genders for now. Let me know if I messed up with the coding, such as if a character’s gender doesn’t seem consistent or if the capitalisation is messed up.