Pon Para and the Great Southern Labyrinth — War against dark gods to save reality!

Woohoo!! So excited!


Aaaah finally! Can’t believe I have to wait another 7 months but I know it’s gonna be worth it.


Wait so is the culprit thing random? bugger cause I wasn’t overly paying attention to the clues when investigating people! ahhh! :grin:


Yes it between like 3 diffrent people you have to pay attention to the clues.:grin:


Dang XD kinda wish I had focused on the details, partly thinking that the game would like remember for me or at least narrow down the options more! XD well it’s a one in three chance to get it right first try eh? XD


Wasn’t sure if i should have emailded this or not.

Thanks! I can fix that.

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Decided to try a “no strength/speed” run. Worked out very well.


Is that Stormraider man, Galimer (?) going to be a RO? I wish I remembered the name but it slipped my mind. I’m really looking forward to the 2nd game.

Galimar will be an RO in the sequels, yes. And once I finish this Night Road expansion pack I’ll get right back to the Pon Para sequel, which is mostly done.


Does anyone know how to find the traitor, save the chief, and list the consequences of the mc making a contract with my lovers parent.

Pay attention to the describtions of the officers, talk to tamur, check the armory. You should now know the theifs shoes and cloak color. Finding out theifs weapon by visiting the funeral, or their voice pitch by visiting the traing yard, is usually enough to figure out who it is.

This is all dependent on passing checks of course, which something I don’t have time to list all the combinations for, however theif or diplomacy skills and the right attributes can get one of your companions free during the final showdown for a convient assist if you need it.

Love this game it definitely ranks up there among my favorites the worldbuilding is awesome and the characters are interesting, heres hoping you surpass yourself on the sequel :slight_smile: