Pon Para and the Great Southern Labyrinth — War against dark gods to save reality!

I have thrown my hands up. Assuming the check for the Answerer achievement is in chapter 8 when you first meet Hyras and he asks you what else do you know, I have gotten four clues about the Stormraiders but apparently not all of them. I’ve gotten clues from Gronput in chapter 1, Urmish in chapter 3, the scrying in chapter 4, and the vision in chapter 5. For the love of Yune, where is the last clue(s) and how do I get it?

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If you’re still alive, for the love of Yune, please give me more hints as to where these clues are and how to get them.

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Hold on lemme finish my pie.


Clue 1: In Chapter 1, successfully follow Gronput

Clue 2: In Chapter 3, dig for religious lore even when it annoys Melaxu

Clue 3: Also in Chapter 3, deliberately lose the argument with Urmish in order to learn what he knows

Clue 4: In Chapter 4, pass any test while scrying on Teijia, when Melaxu encourages you not to linger

Clue 5: In Chapter 5, either accept the gods’ invitation to experience a vision, or try to pass the test of iron will to follow both “conversations”

Clue 6: In Chapter 7, move through the crowd of refugees and listen politely, trying to learn something useful, and pass the test


There is a god! Now onto losing sleep over acquiring all of these clues! I’m guessing the last check requires high counseling or diplomat, none of which fits with my character!


It is done. And all it seems to do is make your character a very diplomatic, smart and nice guy who, ironically, drives Hyras mad. Funny.


Can you become a god in the game though?

I don’t know if I just misunderstood our plan or what but regarding the the tablets the condors task you to find, I recall the plan being to keep them for myself once I let tamur in on the situation. So i have idea why we just give them the jade tablet.

Honestly regarding the end if i would have known confronting the king about your father’s murder would end up with you being impotently ejected by FREAKING URMISH without even a fight I wouldnt have even bothered. Was a magnificent disappointment.


It’s actually a stat check, if you fail it you get ejected. If you don’t then you end up talking with King Hyras


Hi, is it possible to get an iron weapon somewhere? I probably missed it, but picking up some from beaten trolls or stormriders looks reasonable.

@Moochava You’re probably busy after the release of your new game, but I noticed that a bonus to the troll_mod for a skill check in Chapter 2 appears to be using the wrong personality trait. The text seems to imply a more traditional mindset would benefit from this choice, but the buff is granted by innovation.


Authors don’t always check the forums. You might want to send the bug report with screenshot to COG supprt: support@choiceofgames.com.


I got it! Sorry, normal-human activities have been chewing up my time. I’ll send Jason a revised version this afternoon.


Fixed! And you can always send these right to me at this address, it’s probably the quickest way to get my attention.

New version should iterate in a couple of days.