.PNG file not loading

I want to upload a .PNG file to my game.
I have moved the image to the folder containing the text files as a .png
From there i have given it a title - xyz

When i put it in code, *image xyz.png center,
(I made sure to use the same exact name and no caps)I am getting this -

I was aware that CSIDE resizes the image on its own. However, i used an image resizer but that too yeilds no result.

Ok I looked things up @Paradox1 and tested it try
*gosub_scene csideimg_xyz instead of *image xyz.png center
Note this is only if you used this option.

Don’t forget to copy the text that comes up after you upload a image, it will be different everytime.


Im eternally grateful, kind sir! It works perfectly.

May the Legion look upon you with pride and honor!

Aye aye

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