Pirates Academy

I was thinking of how i can twist pirates into something so wild and bizzare it would scream no or beg yes. and i think i found my idea i wish to write up.

im still trying to understand Cside and get the hang of the building process so my main goal in this thread is to find a mentor or a partner in this idea to help me build the story and choices or just tell me im typing the wrong thing to choice and snake my story in any particular way.

i also want to say thank you guys for the already recieved help on discord. i’ve managed to get a few clicks in on the creation and im hoping over the summer i can get a huge boost on this project.

thank you again everybody.


Hi, and welcome to the forum! We like to encourage new users to dive straight in. Most people on here are busy with their own WIPs/interests, so very often don’t have the time to mentor newcomers directly. That said, everyone is very friendly and will be happy to help if you have specific questions (as you seem to have experienced). ChoiceScript is designed to be easily adopted even by those with no prior programming experience. There’s plenty of material around the forum, from tutorials (such as: http://www.maderealstories.com/games/ChoiceScriptTutorial.html), to the wiki: http://choicescriptdev.wikia.com.

If you’re using CSIDE that also comes with a really cool interactive tutorial written by @Vendetta. You can find and activate it from within side panel (example projects tab / the light bulb icon).

Best of luck!


What the story game about

So today i got more ideas of a newer age of world. such as its 1980s but technology has barely advanced and wars are still fought in wooden ships with the wealthy (not many at this point) using more aluminium for their warfare. resources aren’t mined up fast enough for the pirates and the supply and demand market is pushed too far.

this causes pirate acadamys to spring up and train pirates in how piracy was once done and how to advance in the pirate world under that flag.

now the common understanding of pirates is they opperated under the jolly roger and only answered to the fleet. history will prove that pirates were so successful in the golden age that pirates soon took over empires and ran them as their own. employing other pirates for their works and soon pirates joined the respective pirate empires. (ie. United Kingdom is now English pirates who fly a certian pirate flag. Spain a different Pirate clan. and there is a world war of the pirate empires.)

since piracy is so hard and the pirate empires needed troops for their wars. they would build up acadamys with ex pirates as teachers to educate the pirates in certian pirate ways.

perhaps classes will include. Rigging 101, History of the Golden Age, and Piracy interns.

once you graduate from the pirate acadamy you get awarded your black flag and you can join the pirate free agent listings. the acadamy will notify the local pirate run taverns about recent graduates and you can be employed upon your first pirate ship. then you begin your pirate career.

the story would lead you to death, or a pirate leader of your own pirate nation.

(note. i won’t use any known RL places or names but i may use some inspired names.)

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