Pilgrimage of a Ghost (Updated: April-02-2023) (WIP)

Can’t wait for more loved it


Anyone still alive here :joy:


When the little blue circle tells me I am, yeah.



Okay surprisingly enough this wip isn’t actually on hiatus or dead! As recently, I’ve started writing this wip again after it kinda suffered from neglect. So now, here is a short update of 10k words that continues where the story left off. That and I added a few things in the prologue as a new intro. (I also changed the the council of Eleanor to Morgana because I liked it better-)

I realize that maybe I should report about my writing progress from time to time so anyway…

I have also been writing the next scene, which is also at about 10k words atm. Which more all less has been about a bit of lore about the events that happened before the battle that started this entire story. As well as a more casual conversation with Alexander. Welp that is all… (notify me on bugs and grammar/spelling errors pls) thanks!!


I haven’t played cyberpunk but that’s cool!

Also this is making me remember that I should prolly finish the anime.

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Thank youu! I was just dying of boredom, because I had nothing to read


Are there ROs in this game?

Yes, yes, someone had to ask that question :grin:


Yup yup! The plan is to have 4 of them, two male (A knight Alexander and a Noble/Mage) and two female (A pirate and another Mage (which is obviously Mikaeyla ) Ros. I don’t know how much I should write about them here so for now–

I’m not gonna say anything :sweat_smile:


I love the new update. Also can you change sminit mygame to the game’s name so that the saves do not mix with other WIPs

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Love it! and of course can’t wait for more

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@Big_fan1231 @Knoez Thank you!! I’m glad liked you the update! And yeah, I forgot about the smnit save thing I’ll change it later ty for reminding me :sweat_smile:

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I love the whole WIP and do we see ‘our’ family in the future again? Would be neat :grinning:
The update was great but it was sad we couldn’t save all of the villagers. Oh, I like Alexander :heart_eyes:
Lots of Lore and adventure, I like-y :laughing::grinning::two_hearts:

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When I said I’ll change the smnit “later”, I definitely meant by a few days later because I ended up becoming busy yup yup! But it’s good now :laughing:

@Queen_Zelda sorry for the late reply, I’m glad you liked it!! Yeah this story will definitely involve a whole lot of adventure since your mc will have to journey a great deal, exploring the world and taking in its lore of both the past and the now, what it is almost 20 years after. :smile:

As for the family part, there will be most likely content about them in the future!


UPDATE April-2-2023

HELLO! the update for the next scene is up now! About 15k words have been added to chapter 1. Putting chapter 1 in 38k+ words and the overall story at about 45k+ (Which I consider to be an achievement-). This part focuses more on conversation and in lore (days before the fated battle at Kolch occurred.) There was also a subtle mention of an RO, but that’s for later! .

Also, the update kinda ends abruptly so sorry bout that.

Though I do admit that I wasn’t able to proofread this as much as I did last week’s update. And there might be a few things I need to tweak at a later date. So please notify me if there is some bugs and grammar errors.

And the next update should hopefully conclude the first chapter. I do plan to increase more options in dialogue in the future though. For now however, I just want to finish the final part of chapter 1.

That’s about it thank you!!

I’m gonna sleep now.


non-existent variable 'feminie'


Same error

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@Cingulum_diaboli @Julasu Sorry for the late reply! Both should be fixed now thank you!!

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This needs to be fixed too

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I believe this is the end of the current update

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