Payment terms/Legality of person?

Hey there I am new in this forum so pardon me if this has brought up before I just could not find it. So the first question I want to ask is why does CoG only pay through PayPal? Certain countries like mine in Brunei for instance, can’t receive money because PayPal deem the market here too small. Hence, I have to resort to using other website such as Skrill. So is it possible if CoG put this into account so that it opens more doors and opportunities for writers like me?

Secondly is the legality of the person. Well I should say nationality to be precise. Just recently I received the newsletter about the contest and I was super excited about it but when contacting CoG, I was told that I am not legible to do so since the contest rules clearly say Americans only. :disappointed_relieved: I even went as far as trying to employ another fellow freelancer to collaborate on this project. Sadly, I can’t. So is there a possibility in the future that this might change?

Those are the rules for the contest. The contest is its own separate thing. There’s explanations of why things are the way they are in the contest thread.

You might still be able to get published through the Hosted Games label. You’d need to contact choice of games directly, at their email address to find out though.


Our Looking for Writers page says:

At this time, if you live or work in a country without a tax treaty with the United States, we ask that you contact us at before submitting a Hosted Game. Prospective authors for Choice of Games who are residents of countries without tax treaties with the United States should also let us know that at the beginning of the process. Canada, Mexico, most Western European countries, many Asian countries, and some African and Latin American countries have a tax treaty with the U.S. See full list here:—A-to-Z

Brunei does not have a tax treaty with the United States (and this is an important part of the reason why PayPal doesn’t support Brunei). Please write us at before writing your game.


Alright thank you for the useful replies :slight_smile: