Path to Knighthood—Enter a magical world of knights and dragons!

Oh right because i always max out dexterity Thanks for the advice mate you’re awesome take care

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It’s not a strength check. You need to have 3 honor and 5 for compassion and valor. So like don’t lie, don’t blackmail, don’t run from the fight, be kind and etc


It is so unfortunate that these stats are hidden because i try to be righteous in my playthroughs but i don’t know what exact choice(s) are possibly decreasing my valor/compassion and honor.


During the conversation with the old emperor, he made it sound pretty clear that there were other people that he tested, but they didn’t have the strength to pull it out. Idk. :person_shrugging:

I did the code diving, it’s about hidden stats. And my Str was 28


I’d appreciate if you could specify the choices that lets you wield armenos, only if you’d want to that’ll help me a lot

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Did you try to save the girl from the spiders?

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Yes I always refuse to hand her over but perhaps i should’ve abstained from winning the tournament by finishing my surrendering opponent

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Nah, I did that and still got the sword.

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I don’t have much time to compose a proper guide, so here is every relevant choice I found throught quick search in every chapter


#Admit I am a squire.
*goto meetp.1
#Pretend to be a knight.
*set honor -1
*set pr -2
*goto meetp.2
#“Nothing at all. I’m leaving right now.”
*set compassion -1
*set valor -1
*goto thug.1
#“My mouth has nothing to say…but my sword does!”
*set valor +1
*goto thug.2
#Persuade them to leave the old man alone.
*set charisma +3
*goto thug.3
#Move my blade aside.
*set compassion +1
*set dogdie 0
*goto dog.1
#Continue with my strike.
*set dogdie 1
*goto dog.2
#Offer some coins to the old man. ($10)
*set coins -10
*set compassion +1
*goto doglive.1
#Offer nothing.
*goto doglive.2

Ch 2

#Help my opponent up.
*set honor +1
*goto final…2
#Finish my opponent.
*goto final…1

Ch 3

#Distract the guards by quarreling with a nearby merchant.
*set dummy 1
*goto helpp.1
#Distract the guards with a performance.
*set dummy 2
*goto helpp.2
#Distract the guards by stealing from a passerby.
*set honor -1
*set dummy 3
*goto helpp.3

*set valor -1
Like the rest of the crowd, fear gets the better of you. It is natural; there is no need to be ashamed—if you weren’t aiming for knighthood.

*goto next

So many lives lost, so many buildings torn down, and so many families separated. Nobody can tell how much more misfortune will happen tonight. You can only hope for none.

*goto next

#The will to fight.
*set valor +1
Is it the desire for revenge, the ambition for fame, or the letting out of frustration? You do not yet fully understand what gives you the will to fight, but it is deep in your heart.
#Kill some goblins.
*set valor +1
*goto raid.1
#Loot the shops and what others have dropped.
*set honor -2
*goto raid.2
#Lend a hand to those who cannot retreat in time.
*set compassion +1
*goto raid.3
#Actually, I want to return to my room.
*set honor -1
*set valor -1
*goto raid.4
#Release the goblin and warn it never to return.
*set compassion +1
*goto g.1
#Kill the goblin.
#The coins are mine.
*set coins +20
*set honor -1
*goto scatter.1
#Tell the people they have dropped something.
*set honor +2
*goto scatter.2
#Just ignore it and go back to sleep.
*goto scatter.3

Ch 4

#Land a sneaky strike on the monsters.
*set foughtspider 1
*goto sneakspider
#Kill the monsters in a fair duel.
*set foughtspider 1
*set honor +1
Are you sure you want to give up on Betty?
*set valor -1
*set honor -2
*set pr -8
*goto ending.2
#Tell ${pname} to cover me and charge right in.
*gosub trial_end
*set valor +1
*goto betty.21
*selectable_if (lantern = 1) #Set a fire with my lantern.
*gosub trial_end
*set valor +1
*set lantern 0
*goto betty.22
#Scold Amy for going to such a dangerous place.
*set compassion -1
*goto s.3

Ch 5

#Accept the duel.
*set valor +1
#Try to decline the duel.
*set honor -1
*set pr -2
#Lie that I defeated Sir Vance Cuthvell.
*set fame +5
*set pr -2
*set honor -1
*goto preveric.1
#Admit I was defeated.
*goto preveric.2

Ch 6

#Raise my shield and block with ${pname}.
*goto arok…1
#Push ${pname} out of the way.
*goto arok…2
#Sacrifice myself for ${pname}.
*set hp -20
*set valor +1
*set pr +5
*goto arok…3

Ch 7

#Kill the wyvern.
*set fame +15
*set wyvern 1
*goto killw
#Spare the wyvern.
*set compassion +1
*set coins +200
*goto sparew
#Take as much loot as I can carry.
*set treasure 1
*set coins +1000
*set pr -10
*goto killw.1
#Do not take any loot.
*set honor +1
*goto killw.2
#“The sheriff is responsible for this.”
*set honor +2
*set sheriff 0
*goto truth.1
#“Arok already killed the people responsible for this.”
*set sheriff 1
*goto truth.2
*set pr +5
*set compassion +1
*goto donate.1
#Do not donate.
*set pr -2
*goto donate.2

Ch 8

#Help ${pname} tear up the parchment.
*set honor -1
*set pr +2
*goto p.1
#Tell ${pname} to leave the man alone.
*set pr -2
*goto p.2
*selectable_if (coins >=150) #Offer to buy the parchment from the man, then resell it for a higher price. ($150)
*set pr -8
*goto p.3
#Shut down the Dragonophists with ${pname}.
*set honor -2
*set pr +5
*goto priest…1
#Stop ${pname} from shutting down the Dragonophists.
*set dummy 0
*set pr -3
*goto priest…2
#Let ${pname} shut down the Dragonophists, but do not get involved myself.
*set honor -1
*set pr +3
*goto priest…3
#Kill the mountain troll.
*set team 0
*set pr -3
*set coins +150
*goto troll.1
#Tell the townsfolk to imprison the mountain troll.
*set team 1
*set compassion +1
*goto troll.2

Ch 9

#Let the man leave with the valuables.
*set honor -1
*set man 1
*goto man.1
#Take the man to the town guards.
*set honor +1
*set man 2
*goto man.2
#Retrieve the valuables, then let the man go.
*set compassion +1
*set man 3
*goto man.3
#Honor the code and ask nicely.
*set honor +1
*goto hon.1
#Deny such a code exists.
*set honor -1
*goto hon.2
#Beat the answers out of the hunter.
*set honor -1
*goto hon.3
#Let Sir Grady decide what to do with the hunter.
*goto hon.4
#Leave as my master told me to.
*goto last.1
#Stay and fight with my master.
*set valor +2
*set honor +1
*set fracture 1
*set strength -3
*set dexterity -3
*goto last.2

Ch 10

#Blackmail Dion.
*set honor -1
#Blackmail her for money to keep the secret.
“Perhaps we can sort this out…if you know what to do….” You smirk, letting your eyes scan across the room casually and patting your purse which hangs on your belt.
*set pr -5
*set honor -1
#I forged a letter for the widow and daughter.
*set lie 1
*set compassion +1
*set honor -1
“Yes. He handed me this letter before…Urm, I think you should see it,” you say hesitantly, handing over the letter you forged.

The letter is all about Sir Grady's regrets in not taking up the responsibilities of a father and a husband; about the love and care Sir Grady never had the chance to provide; and about the feelings he hid deep in his heart—or at least you thought so.

Tears pour from Kela's eyes, slipping over her trembling cheeks as she turns the letter over in her hands, not letting you see her face. The forgery works, and it is time for you to offer her peace and solitude.

#I tell Kela the truth.

Ch 11

#Help the servant to get away with thievery.
*set charisma +3
*set honor -1
*set helpt 1
*goto tt.2

“Okay. We will slice some mercenary throats.” You nod at Riley, who seems content you have agreed with her suggestion.
Are you sure you wish to proceed this way?
*set compassion -1
#Knock the thief out sneakily.
*set honor -1
*goto t.1
#Leave peacefully.
*set team 2
*goto t.2
#Do the same thing Riley did.
*set compassion +1
You reach into the bag of gold, tossing the coins and jewelry onto the streets like Riley did. Some land in the snow, submerging under the pure white layer, while some knock on the door of the residents. You and Riley laugh heartily, wondering what kinds of faces the townsfolk will make when they see the shininess in front of their houses the next morning.
*goto t.
#Keep the riches.
Riley says nothing when you clip the bag of riches tightly onto your mount. She does not even look straight at it, simply shrugging instead. It is your own free choice, after all. She simply rides forward, staring into the upcoming dawn which is to be revealed for the new day.
*set coins +500
(Coins +500 to ${coins})
*goto t.
#Stand up for Riley and stop the rude behavior.
*set honor +1
*goto peek.1
#Tell Riley of the insolent man.
*goto peek.2
#Remain silent and draw no unnecessary attention.
*set honor -1
*goto peek.3
#Grab the gold and leave.
*set honor -1
*set coins +200
*set bed 1
*goto bed.2
#Grab the documents and leave.
*set evidence +1
*set bed 2
*goto bed.2
#Yell loudly to attract others.
*set compassion -1
*goto bed.3

Ch 12

#Eavesdrop on the conversation.
*goto ear.1
#Respect your friend’s privacy.
*set honor +1
*goto ear.2
#I will make sure those who are responsible shall suffer.
*set honor -2
*goto revenge.1
#It is about the greater good. No personal emotions are involved.
*set honor +1
*goto revenge.2
#I seek justice, not vengeance.
*set honor +1
*goto revenge.3
#Hand over our swords.
*set pr -2
*set honor -1
*goto nom.1
#Knock the guard down.
*goto nom.2
#Enter the waterways first.
*set valor +1
#Pretend to be on their side.
*goto pregate.1
#This is where my dexterity and reflexes get to shine.
*goto pregate.2
#Pretend to surrender and catch them off guard.
*set pr -2
*set honor -1
*goto pregate.3
*if ((team=0) and (coins>=200)) #Offer to buy off the mercenaries. ($200)
*set coins -200
*goto pregate.4
#Kill Alexander.
*set church 0
*set honor -1
*goto truth.1
#Bring Alexander to the royal guards.
*set church 1
*goto truth.2

Ch 13

#Pull out the sword.
*if ((honor >= 3) and (compassion >= 5)) and (valor >= 5)
*goto ameno


I am deeply touched by your kindness, i hope i didn’t take too much of your time and i couldn’t express my gratitude enough. Have a very nice week and may god bless you and everyone you care about


Haha, it’s okay, I was waiting for my cell pellets to defrost anyway. Enjoy the game!


@Anarore_Kriptih Dear God. What did you do to the poor guy? :rofl:

The man is just really feeling those knightly vibes! XDDDD


aside from everything that was said here, my biggest issue with this game is my mc’s personality. it seems that whatever dialogue or action i choose, my mc is still a fun and outgoing person, especially with ike/ingrid — not that there’s anything wrong with that type of character, but i felt like i had no agency over how my mc behaves, and that really took me out of the game.


I’m enjoying the story so far, but my one complaint is about the spider part. I feel like I should have been able to try and negotiate something around the lines of bringing back a cow or something, leaving myself or Ingrid/Ike as collateral. Or offered to help start a trade between the spiders and the village. The spiders get meat from the village, and the villagers get strong webs from them. I don’t know, I feel like I should have had the ability to at least try to negotiate different terms, even if it was met with a no.

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I’m seeing a lot of similarities in names to The Lost Heir and The Great Tournament. Are those Easter eggs you added to your book?

I was just wondering, is there a way to accept Riley’s invitation for a night together? Nothing I do seems to let me choose the option

You have to be attracted to men or both men and women. That is likely a bug because Riley is a woman.

I really hope there will be a patch, the parameters to beat the game are unreachable and it’s full of bugs.
It’s the first time I almost had a rage quit with an IF.

The writing is great, what’s why I read it to the end… and quickly deleted it.

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