Paradox factor help needed


Can somebody help me getting past the part of kidnapped children, I would be very grateful.

Thank you


Uh… the short answer would be that you would have to take up a lot of practise to get past that, basically becoming a super human.
Also some minor preparations.

Been a while since I finished it so I cannot remember everything that was required to be done.


If memory serves correctly:

-To become faster: mention about how you feel snug in your wedding dress/suit.
-To get a gun: I think It’s the memory where you are eating breakfast in the newspaper.
-Give yourself an advantage: go to the hideout before the kidnapping, hit the chair once, destroy the stairs (or damage them.), break the lock and leave the TV intact.
-Learn to fight: this one I can’t remember. Explore the memories until you discover a way to join a self defence class or fight group.

Rough idea, last time I played this was last year.


Any help to get to the good ending ?


There isn’t a good ending. Either you paradox or lose your family