Overkill: The Tropes [more or less a parody] update 12/12/2020 [HERO up; VILLAINESS complete]

I finally decided to post a game here. It’s nothing serious. Just testing the waters with this one. So if you’re looking for serious literature this ain’t it. But if you’re fine with cliche, stereotypes and tropes, then this piece is for you.

Overkill is a three-in-one short story collection written in gamebook style. It plays around (pun intended) with different pop culture tropes such as: the Tyrant father-cutesy child, the villainess, and the Overpowered (OP) Hero. Get your chance to:

  • Steal your father’s heart or earn his indifference
  • Survive your condemnation event or go down as the vilest villainess of them all
  • Defeat the Dark Lord or not.

After all, there’s more than one way for things to go wrong around here.

Update log


  • completed villainess
  • uploaded hero


  • updated the summary
  • villainess trope up


Go ahead and give it a try.

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I was expected “kawaii anime girl” but okay, at least we have truck-san

I wanna be a demon lord!!! Make me a demon lord now!!! Ah hahahahaha :smiling_imp:


Will edit that. Thanks for catching that.

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Found this.

@Bulk_Biceps Thanks. Working on it.

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I vibe with this

@OniTale Thanks.

Idea seems interesting! Though, I’m wondering, do gender choices have any effect at all?
Also for time-traveler, the trope is usually called regressor. :slight_smile:

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@Nadelesc Thanks for the info.

I placed the gender choices there mostly for the type of trope chosen. If male, that should lead to the OP Hero type but I guess I should allow people to choose which trope regardless of gender except for the gender-locked (villainess) one. I still have a long way to go though, so I might change my mind.


Hwee, this seem interesting. I will keep an eye on this.

OOH! Love the reincarnation vibe on this! Gonna support this one! Keep up the good work! ≥﹏≤

@Thanh_Chung_Vu @Iam_Senpai Thanks so much!

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This is definitely something to look forward to. I honestly never expected someone to post something like this

@Mari_Gold are you still working on the stats?

So far, I’d say that while the game has some very interesting ideas, and some funny moments in it, I fail to really see the point of the story. Granted, not every story has to have a blunt, obvious reason for making it, but this game almost feels like it was made by AI… you kind of just start playing it and it exists. Maybe some more narrative to why all of these different tropes are being played?

In the gender selection it doesn’t let me choose the male gender, sorry it doesn’t let me post the photo

@LordRaijin The gender selection works fine when I tested it. However, there’s still one trope available so if you’re aiming for the “typically male route” i.e. OP Demon Lord, it’s still unavailable.

Thanks. This was born mostly out of unexplored possibilities in the materials I’ve read.

Not anytime soon. I’m more focused on the branching out of this story.

I admit I was more focused on the branching out part and neglected the prose. Will work on it though; as far as my abilities can, that is.

When I made this game, I just thought of “gamefying” pre-existing tropes so I didn’t really consider putting a reason. But with the update, I hope this aspect is more fleshed out with the little backstory added.

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A bug