Out of the Yinshan [WIP] (Updated 09/05/24 - Chapter 2)

Thank you for sharing your art with us Wizim! A great insatiable hunger for any and all wuxia/xianxia has been lit inside me and I would be consumed in suffering if not for what seems to be a sudden bloom of stories in this setting :smiley:

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I love it so much, the amazing writing, the characters, the lore.
Con: I hate the cliffhanger lol :joy:

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As a person who doesn’t drink alcohol. I got poisoned. And I think my character hasn’t got pissed off because I actually like. The girl were guarding.!

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I got poisoned even though I didn’t drink the wine. Is that supposed to happen?., but All in all the wip looks very promising.

Suggestion: Can you add a cheat mode in the future updates? It would make it more fun


I loved the update! I took the opportunity to reread everything, and it’s still as good as I remember. I really like how you slowly introduce the lore in the story and the training/fighting scenes are very dynamic and well done (I also love the little rivalry between MC and Wei Qing). Now, I’m curious to see where the story will go after that ending.

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I swear there wasn’t supposed to be one, but I didn’t like where the chapter ended, so I decided to move the next bit into chapter 3 :joy:

Yes, it’s not an error. It’s simply that the wine wasn’t the problem :smiley:

Okay, a stupid question :sweat_smile: What should I imagine when you say cheat mode?


I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed it! :heart:

Also, thank you for saying that the fight scenes are okay. You have no idea how much I struggle with writing those. They are my number one enemy (with dance scenes being a very close second :joy:).


That is good, but I’m pissed. Mister top on the food change Might have just declared war on me.Because in my characters mind If you poison. Counts as almost hurting innocent. I think I don’t view the person who did this as an innocent anymore. He’s free game. And meat is on the menu.!!

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It was the scent in the air, not the wine we didn’t drink xD

Excuses, excuses lol xD fine, I’ll wait until we get a chapter 3…is it coming? hopefully xD


Well, I wouldn’t really call Master Hua innocent…

Indeed! It was the incense :wink:

Don’t worry, I’m not giving up on this story. Chapter 3 will come, but the question is when :smile:


Like an option to maximize all the Stats and play the game without worrying about the stats


Aah, I see. I’ll think about it! :slight_smile:

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Loved the update, what a cilffhanger!