Out of the Yinshan [WIP] (Updated 09/05/24 - Chapter 2)

Hello everyone!

In Out of the Yinshan, you play as a spy sent to infiltrate a well-known Manor in order to recover a legendary sword.

Yet the mission turns out to be more than you bargained for as you find yourself walking on thin ice and questioning your loyalties, all the while an invisible hand keeps pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

Genre: wuxia, romance, mystery

As of now, the demo contains: the prologue, chapter 1, chapter 2 (around 34k words).

  • Play as a man or woman.
  • Customise your appearance and shape your new persona.
  • Train and improve your skills to reach new heights of power.
  • Build friendships or start a romance with one of four characters.
  • Navigate your new life as a guard of a noble, explore the Manor and uncover its secrets.
  • Be mindful of both your words and actions to avoid suspicion and keep your head a little longer.
  • Let yourself be swayed by a desire for freedom; or remain steadfast and loyal to those who made you.


You are one of the Yinshan Society - a tool sharpened to perfection to be then used by your Elders as they see fit.

Your life is not your own, that much you know. However, that changes nothing about where your loyalties lie. For you, Yinshan has always been a light in the darkness.

So when your new mission brings you to the famous Hua Manor in search of a legendary sword, you take on the challenge of becoming someone else - someone you never had the chance to be.

You quickly adapt to the Manor’s ways, training and fulfilling your duties while keeping a low profile as you begin your investigation. But the mysterious incidents that follow your arrival have everyone, including you, on edge.

Your past has taught you not to trust anyone, yet the more time you spend in the Manor and get to know its residents, the more your conviction starts to waver.

Is Yinshan truly all that your life amounts to?


There are four ROs, two male and two female.

Su Feixia (F)
The only child of the Su family, Su Feixia is considered to be both smart and beautiful. She excels in literature and music, and she has more than proven to be capable of taking over her parents’ business. Yet despite her privileged upbringing, she continues to be humble and kind.

You are her guard, accompanying the young lady to the Hua Manor.

Wei Qing (M)
One of the residents of the Manor, Wei Qing is a high-ranking guard that has lived there for a few years, steadily climbing the ranks through training and hard work. He puts his duty above all else, which has earned him respect, as well as a rather fearsome reputation.

He is your superior in the Manor, overseeing your training.

Hua Lingyun (F)
The oldest of three children of the Hua family and their only daughter, Hua Lingyun spends most of her days training with weaponry and running from her responsibilities. She is to become the head of the family, which is something she’s having trouble coming to terms with as she enjoys having her freedom.

She takes care of the Manor guests this year, in place of her sick father.

Xu Yuan (M)
A bit of an enigma for most of the people living in the Manor, Xu Yuan is a master swordsman of few words. Nobody seems to know much about him, except that he’s been staying in the Manor for a while and that he appears to be a good friend of Master Hua. However, his cold and distant personality manages to keep his many admirers at arm’s length.

He is in charge of your weapon training.


Let me know if:

  • you encounter any errors. I try my best to make sure everything works how it should, but you never know.
  • you see any weird grammar, sentences that don’t make sense or wrong translations. English is not my first language and my Chinese is not very good.
  • you notice any inconsistencies, unclear passages.
  • you’d like there to be a specific choice somewhere.

Other than that, don’t hesitate to tell me what you think. Comments are what keeps me going!

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09/05/24 - chapter 2 (around 18k words)
19/11/23 - prologue, chapter 1 (around 16k words)

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:


Can’t save the game in any slot.

That said, rather promising so far!


I like it very much!


Well, that was a good read, thank you!
Enjoyed the interaction with Wei Qing.


ooooh, really enjoyed this!


Another martial arts/wuxia game!! We are truly blessed this year!


Hmm… That is strange. I just checked on all my different devices and the saves seem to work fine. I reuploaded the files, can you take a look if it fixed anything?


Interesting so far, I do like the cliff hanger at the end.


i am being fed with all thse lovely wuxia stories and wei qing has my heart rn :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes:


Now we need one more east asian themed fantasy game and we’ll have the four horsemen of the martial arts genre


That’s a problem with your browser, not the game. Try clearing your cache. I remember seeing a few forum posts about that error, you can search for them to see other solutions if clearing cache doesn’t work.


I can’t stress enough how happy I am whenever I see a new Wuxia wip. I loved the premise of the story and all the characters presented so far - especially Hua Lingyun and Wei Qing. Also, I was already expecting that he would be the most suspicious of the MC, but not that his suspicion would skyrocket in the first chapter lol. I can’t wait to see where that goes!


Seems interesting so far. Also I like the tension in the end and the way you write it :smiling_face:


Turns out it was a problem on my end and was effecting everything, had to clear my cookies. (Lost my saves from everything, but oh well)

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Love love love this so far! Keep it up!


Interesting concept and nice to see a new martial art story!

A bit too early to judge beyond that.


Sounds interesting


Really enjoyed it so far.


Thank you so much for the comments everyone! :heart:

I’m sorry to hear that, there’s nothing worse than losing all your saves :anguished:

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Wei Qing doesn’t trust easily and there were some things about the MC that just didn’t sit well with him. He still wasn’t entirely sure at the end, but when the MC reacted like they did… It only confirmed his suspicions :grinning: